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Ganjar  Pranowo  is committed to equalizing the quality of education


JAKARTA — Ganjar Pranowo is strongly committed to equalizing the quality of education.

This is because he really understands how important equality is.

According to him, education is the foundation for equitable national development.

PDI Perjuangan politician, Andreas Hugo Pareira, revealed that to date, many people are actually talking about the 5th principle in Pancasila regarding social justice.

However, it turns out that they still do not have concrete and clear actions regarding the concept of social justice referred to in the development program, so they still do not understand how to make it happen.

Of course, this is very different from the figure of the PDI-P presidential candidate, Ganjar Pranowo, who really understands all of these things.

“Ganjar understands the importance of equal distribution and improving the quality of education, because one of the main ways to realize social justice is education,” said Andreas.

“How to equalize people’s opportunities to access education (quantity) and how to improve the quality of education to improve the quality of human resources,” he added.

Meanwhile, there are survey results conducted by the Kurious-Katadata Insight Center (KIC) which show that Ganjar Pranowo as a political figure cares most about equal distribution and improving the quality of education.

Data shows that 39.1 percent of the public believes this because so far all the programs carried out in Central Java in the education sector have been very successful.

From the white-haired leader’s work program, he has waived tuition fees for all state/equivalent high school students in Central Java since 2020 and has also built 18 free boarding schools.

Furthermore, the Central Java Provincial Government has also disbursed an Operational Assistance (BOP) budget of up to IDR 769 billion in 2022 for schools.

On the other hand, Center of Youth and Population Center (CYPR) Public Policy Observer, Boedi Rheza also highlighted Ganjar Pranowo’s goal of increasing teachers’ salaries to IDR 30 million per month.

According to this observer, of course what the leader who was born in Karanganyar Regency wants is correct and rational.

The reason is, it is appropriate for teachers in Indonesia to be given large salaries because their contribution is also very high.

Teachers themselves are pillars for the success of education and the progress of the nation. Even though they have an important role, so far their salaries have been relatively low.

“If you look at the salary level of teachers in neighboring countries, Indonesia is at a low level. “The increase in teacher salaries can be carried out in stages over the next few years,” said Boedi Rheza.

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