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Ganjar Pranowo Maintaining Peace and Unity in Indonesia


By : Breena Aliandra )*

Presidential candidate Ganjar Pranowo is the people’s choice because he not only has a good vision and mission. But he also has the determination to maintain peace and unity in Indonesia. When this country consists of many tribes and different backgrounds, unity must be maintained, so that it is always united and moving forward.

Ganjar Pranowo is the ideal presidential candidate because he really cares about Indonesian unity. As a figure who has experience in leading, he wants to set an example, that unity is very important to advance Indonesia. The public supports Ganjar as the ideal presidential candidate and wins him in the 2024 elections.

Ganjar’s step in maintaining peace and unity is to inaugurate the Central Java National Assimilation House (RPK) which is located on Jalan Imam Bonjol, Semarang City. Managed by the Central Java National Assimilation Forum and the Provincial Government, the RPK was established as an effort to maintain inter-ethnic unity and unity, as well as practice Pancasila values.

Central Java Province is also the first province to have a National Assimilation House. The Central Java National Assimilation Forum currently consists of 19 ethnic groups from Sabang to Merauke. They have lived and studied the ins and outs and culture in Central Java for many years.

Ganjar Pranowo stated that people came to Central Java and they came from Nias, Java, Maluku, NTT, Papua, etc. They agreed that there was a need for this Mixing House so that there would be a meeting point for them to meet.

Ganjar hopes that the presence of RPK Central Java will not only become a unifying vessel, but also a symbol of peace for mutual respect. He strives to continue to maintain and care for the harmony that has been established. Don’t bring up the issue of SARA (Ethnicity, Religion, Race, and Intergroup). All people are brothers, speak Indonesian, have an Indonesian homeland and have an Indonesian state.

As is known, Central Java Province is one of the regions with the highest level of tolerance among communities in Indonesia. The intolerance index in Central Java has a score of 6.8 or much lower than the national intolerance index which is at 12.6 percent.

With the establishment of the National Mixing House, it shows that Ganjar Pranowo really wants to maintain peace and Indonesian unity, and implement Pancasila.

Ganjar realizes that Indonesia consists of many tribes, cultures, and has six beliefs that are recognized by the state. With this diversity, all people can unite with tolerance. All Indonesian citizens must be tolerant individuals because when they associate in a pluralist and multi-ethnic society, they must be flexible and respect each other.

With unity and tolerance, Indonesia will become stronger. Tolerance is also something that must be done so that Indonesia can always be peaceful, without chaos everywhere. Intolerance must be eradicated because if many people fight, it will undermine the country from within. Ganjar continues to ensure that the people are always tolerant under any circumstances.

Ganjar advised that differences in society are beautiful, therefore, no one should fight or be intolerant. If someone is intolerant, he doesn’t uphold Pancasila and its points. The people live in a democratic country, therefore they are not allowed to impose their opinion and reject tolerance.

The issue of SARA is also a concern for Ganjar. In Indonesia there are many different tribes and beliefs. All people must respect each other and avoid conflict, so that the situation is always conducive. Keep the peace because a country can progress if its people always get along.

The public is asked not to exaggerate the issue of SARA. The issue of SARA is very dangerous because it can mislead people’s minds and trigger riots. Therefore, the spread of propaganda that led to SARA divisions must be prevented so that the election can take place peacefully.

Ganjar asked the people to be aware of SARA issues because conflicts should not arise because of differences in beliefs and SARA issues. When the SARA issue flares up, peaceful elections will not materialize.

One of the triggers for the issue of SARA circulating in the 2024 election is when there is a campaign by political parties or legislative candidates at houses of worship. Don’t let the sacred places of worship become places for political campaigns and trigger the issue of SARA. Houses of worship must be kept sacred and their administrators must be firm in rejecting visits by politicians who wish to gain sympathy there.

Then, the SARA conflict occurred when Ganjar or other presidential candidates were questioned where they came from. People are expected to be peaceful and not be influenced by provocateurs. Even though they come from different regions and tribes, don’t make it a problem, because they are both Indonesians.

The diversity of ethnicities and backgrounds is natural because since before independence, they have vowed to unite through the Youth Pledge. Indonesian unity is one of the Precepts in Pancasila and is the main key in reconciling Indonesian society.

Ganjar Pranowo is trying hard to maintain peace and unity in Indonesia. The community is encouraged to continue to unite for the progress of Indonesia. Don’t let anyone be triggered by the issue of SARA, either during the election or after, because it could destroy this country.

)* The author is a contributor for Jendela Cakrawala Institute

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