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Ganjar Pranowo Optimal Handling Poverty and Stunting in Central Java


Central Java — The presidential candidate promoted by the PDI Perjuangan, Ganjar Pranowo who is also the Governor of Central Java (Central Java) continues to be optimal in dealing with poverty and stunting in his region.

So far, the progress of handling extreme poverty (PKE) in Central Java has been going well.

In fact, the verification and validation of the data that was carried out has also been completed, so that several interventions have also been carried out.

“We in Central Java are trying to design, especially for dealing with extreme poverty, specifically. So yesterday the village head’s friends helped collect the data, the verification is now 100 percent,” said the Governor of Central Java.

Unmitigated, Ganjar Pranowo instructed all village heads in Central Java to go directly to check with the community and find several problems which were then made a priority in handling them.

“Some of the interventions have started well, we checked the houses that were uninhabitable, we checked the latrines, water, children not going to school, and persons with disabilities. These are some of our priorities. We try to do it,” he said.

In the Coordination Meeting for Handling Extreme Poverty which was held at the Central Java Governor’s Office on Wednesday (7/6), the 2024 presidential candidate also asked all village heads to make the most of the APBD, APBDes and APBN budgets.

In fact, if the need for intervention is felt to be lacking, he immediately improvises using a mutual cooperation pattern.

The mutual cooperation pattern pursued by PDI Perjuangan cadres is by inviting many parties such as CSR, Baznas and people who care and are able to accelerate the handling of poverty and stunting in Central Java.

Mapping has also been carried out optimally, so that stunting cases can be intervened 100 percent with a fast target, which is three months.

“Now we are starting to map out what is in each district/city. Thank God, one hundred percent stunting has been intervened. This is fun, so if we calculate stunting, we can do it for three months, there should be results,” said Ganjar.

Indeed the Governor of Central Java is a leader who is very capable of continuing and continuing all of President Jokowi’s excellent programs, in which he is very optimistic that the extreme poverty rate can be reduced to zero percent.

Therefore, a number of strategies have been developed so that the extreme poverty target of zero percent by 2024 can be properly realized.

Some of them are by maximizing the use of the APBD from the Central Java Provincial Government and also the potential for changes to the APBD carried out together with the DPRD.

“Then the preparation for the 2024 RAPBD. There is still one chance even though I finished in September, but we can do the design now, so that later we will invite DPRD friends to be able to gang up on those in the district/city,” said Ganjar.

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