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Ganjar Pranowo Ready to Make Government Clean and Serve


By : Raisha Dahayu )*

Presidential candidate (Capres) Ganjar Pranowo is ready to create a clean and serving government. He dedicated his life to the people and when he was still serving as governor, his motto was ‘My lord, yes the people, the governor only has a mandate’. Apart from that, Ganjar is also ready to create a government that is clean and without corruption, and eradicate KKN in Indonesia.

The 2024 election is in sight and soon the campaign period for the presidential candidate. The Indonesian Democratic Party of Struggle (PDIP) has announced that its presidential candidate in the upcoming elections is Ganjar Pranowo. He carried out the party’s mandate and became a qualified candidate for leadership.

Ganjar Pranowo is the ideal presidential candidate because he really cares about education. As a figure who has experience in leading, he wants to become head of state to educate the people. The public supports Ganjar as the ideal presidential candidate and wins him in the 2024 elections.

In his vision and mission as a presidential candidate, Ganjar promised to create a clean and serving government. Ganjar Pranowo stated that he wanted to create a government with integrity and cleanness.

In a sense, he wants to be the next Indonesian president not for a personal mission. But to really serve the people. The community also keeps on remembering his motto ‘my lord is the people, the governor is only a mandate’. When he became governor he already had such principles, let alone being president, and the people would really be served well, even considered as masters.

Indonesia needs a president who is ready to serve the people, not be served. A president is a leader, but not a king whose power and desires are absolutely obeyed. The president must serve because his job is to make his people happy and prosperous.

Indonesia also needs a presidential candidate who understands the condition of the people. Currently, Indonesia is in an adaptation phase, where it has been hit by the co-19 pandemic for 3 years. Corona not only affects the health sector but also the economy, and increases the poverty rate in this country.

Indonesia needs a presidential candidate who is determined to eradicate poverty. Poor conditions are a scourge for the people because without money they cannot live properly. While acute poverty can add to social problems such as theft, fraud, etc. Poverty must be eradicated so that the people are prosperous and Indonesia is safe and peaceful.

Ganjar is determined to become a presidential candidate who understands the condition of the people and makes Indonesia more prosperous. He wants to work to save the people and enable them to have a life that is people’s. Ganjar is aware that the presidency is not to enrich himself, but a mandate to prosper many people.

Meanwhile, politician Bambang Kusriyanto stated that he welcomed Ganjar Pranowo’s invitation to form a government with integrity. In a sense, Ganjar’s invitation received a positive response so that it would make Indonesia even better.

When Ganjar Pranowo invites politicians to uphold integrity, it is certain that Indonesia will be even better. Both central and regional governments will be better and really serve their people.

When the people are served, there are manifestations, for example with a bureaucracy that is simplified and can be managed online. No more long queues when dealing with administration. But the government created a bureaucracy that was quick and straightforward.

Ganjar also has the slogan ‘boten corruption lan boten ngapusi’ (no corruption and no lying). The government must be clean and not lie to the people. 

When he came directly to the field, Ganjar realized that people’s problems were very complex. Starting from poverty to infrastructure problems. Therefore, he really wants to maintain integrity and realize a clean and anti-corruption government. The position of president is not to enrich oneself, but a mandate to prosper many people.

As a presidential candidate, Ganjar really takes care of himself and is anti-corruption. Fraudulent acts such as corruption cannot be justified because they are detrimental to state finances. Imagine if there was one unscrupulous official who stole and was followed by others, then Indonesia might go bankrupt and fall deeper into terrible debt. Therefore, corruptors must be severely punished so that they are cured and not imitated by others.

Corruption is a crime that was once rooted in Indonesia and in the New Order era it became a scourge that troubled society. Therefore Ganjar supports a clean and anti-corruption government. He also supports the KPK (Corruption Eradication Commission) which is ready to eradicate corruption. Don’t let corruption become a system and a vicious circle.

Ganjar Pranowo wants to create a clean and serving government. Indonesia must be free from even the slightest corruption, because KKN will harm many people. Then, Ganjar also made a government that serves the people because for him the people are the masters and the position as leader is a mandate. He really wants to be president to serve all Indonesian people.

)* The author is a contributor to Nusantara Reading Room 

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