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Ganjar Pranowo Receives Banten Community Support


By : Realisa Putri )*

Ganjar Pranowo has received direct support from all elements of society, especially the workers in Banten Province. Of course, the support given was not without reason, because his figure is considered a leader of the country who is very close to the people.

The 2024 Presidential Candidate (Capres) carried by the Indonesian Democratic Party of Struggle (PDIP), Ganjar Pranowo continues to receive support even from various groups, including workers in Banten. They even maximally continue to provide this support, thus consolidating workers in various companies in the region.

It is known that the Fighting Workers’ Reward (GBB) together with the National Workers’ Union (SPN) held an event to form a winning structure for Ganjar Pranowo which took place at the Kuring Youth Resto, Jatiuwung, Tangerang City on Tuesday, May 30 2023. The formation of a winning structure at the company level will work on the pockets of workers’ voices, both within the company and within their respective families.

During the event, the Leaders of the Workers’ Union (PSP-SPN) from 38 companies then read out a pledge and also their readiness regarding the establishment of a winning candidate for the Presidential Candidate Ganjar Pranowo in their respective companies. 

In his speech, the General Chairperson of GBB, Lukman Hakim stated that the establishment of a winning structure at the factory level was aimed at ensuring that the voice of the workers really continued to maximize support for the victory of the presidential candidate proposed by Megawati Soekarnoputri.

To be able to determine who will be the future leader of this nation, now is the time for workers to make their own choices. For information, there are 55 million formal workers and also 80.2 million informal workers. So that the total support from these workers is 140 million people or around 70% (percent) of the Final Voter List (DPT) in 2024, which amounts to 205 million people.

On the same occasion, the Chairman of PSP SPN PT Ching Luh Indonesia, Asep S, conveyed their readiness to build a winning structure for Ganjar Pranowo in his company, where the shoe manufacturing company has more than 10,000 (thousand) employees.

Of course, the support provided by the company did not just come, because PT Ching Luh himself was no stranger to the figure of the PDIP cadre.

Indeed, his figure is not at all foreign to the workers and the people at the grassroots. In fact, Ganjar Pranowo himself is considered the presidential candidate closest to the people. Therefore, the Confederation of trade unions loudly stated that it would fully support the prospective leader of the party with the logo of a bull with a white muzzle.

Regarding this full support, the Chairman of the All Indonesian Trade Union Confederation (KSPSI), Andi Gani Nana Wea stated that most of the labor confederations in the country have indeed provided their support. Several strong reasons were then put forward by the labor confederation as to why they supported the figure of the Governor of Central Java (Central Java).

These reasons include the fact that Ganjar Pranowo is a leader who until now has the courage to meet workers directly and also directly listen to all the aspirations expressed by workers, not even in the room, but directly on the street. So that such a leader is actually really needed by Indonesia in the future.

Meanwhile, the Chairman of the GBB Board of Trustees, Ferry Indrianto emphasized that with the formation of a structure at the company level it would be clear that it would be able to make a real and also significant contribution to Ganjar Pranowo’s victory in the 2024 Presidential Election contestation (Pilpres).

Previously, Ganjar had also made a working visit and political safari to Banten Province on Saturday and Sunday, May 28 2023. According to PDIP Banten Regional Representative Council (DPD) Chairperson, Ade Sumardi, Ganjar’s presence was to consolidate the party and also to hold several meetings with a number of figures there.

During the visit, Ganjar greeted around 2,500 cadres and also sympathizers from the PDIP at the Banten PDIP DPD Office in Serang. The visit was welcomed by the management and other PDIP cadres in Banten, who felt that the cadres in Banten really needed various views from the presidential candidate.

Support continues to flow even from various elements of society in all regions in the country for the name of the presidential candidate Ganjar Pranowo in order to be able to guard his victory in the political contestation and democratic party in the 2024 elections, including support from workers who consider the figure of Ganjar as a leader who is very close to the people .

)* The author is a contributor to the Window Baca Institute 

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