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Ganjar Pranowo Receives Support from Young People


By : Astrid Natasha )*

Ganjar Pranowo is the ideal presidential candidate and is supported by all parties, including young people. Ganjar is seen as a leader who cares about the younger generation and often gives scholarships to students. Then, Ganjar also cares about young entrepreneurs and invites them to build Indonesia together.

The 2024 election is in sight and soon the campaign period for the presidential candidate. The Indonesian Democratic Party of Struggle (PDIP) has announced that its presidential candidate (candidate) in the upcoming elections is Ganjar Pranowo. The man who currently serves as Governor of Central Java carries out the party’s mandate and becomes a qualified candidate for leadership.

Ganjar Pranowo is supported by the Indonesian people, especially young people. He discussed with thousands of young people at the Music Park, Bandung, West Java (West Java). The theme is the world of entrepreneurship for young people.

Ganjar also shared his stories and experiences in fostering businesses, especially micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs). He recounted the beginning of starting a program to develop MSMEs in Central Java, one of which was the Bukalapak Ganjar program.

Ganjar Pranowo stated that Ganjar’s stalls were made due to an accident (accidentally). When there are street vendors who can’t sell, Satpol PP kicks them out. Then there are young people who say that they have 5 million followers on Instagram, why not help sell MSMEs?

Then Ganjar Pranowo helped make it happen and created Ganjar Stalls which is a special online promotional event for MSME products. The trick, Ganjar advertises products that have registered for the Ganjar Stalls program, through his personal social media account. Ganjar promotes the product for free.

Ganjar admitted that he did not expect the high response and enthusiasm from business actors who registered to take part in the Ganjar Stalls. MSME products that register don’t have to be from Central Java, other regions may join Ganjar Stalls

Now , the program has succeeded in advancing local MSMEs. In fact, not a few of the UMKM products from Bukalapak get orders and sell their wares abroad.

As of today, Stall Ganjar has 2,932 fostered MSMEs with a variety of products in 112 regencies and cities throughout Indonesia. Ganjar stalls also have 104 ongoing endorsement editions.

Ganjar added, promotional assistance for MSMEs starts with the hashtag Stall Ganjar. He also did not expect (business actor’s enthusiasm) to be high, after that he decided to use a theme.

Young people who were just about to start a business and already owned a business seemed enthusiastic about participating in the entrepreneurship discussion with Ganjar Pranowo. Ganjar also never gets tired of answering questions asked by young people in the city of Bandung, regarding MSMEs.

Ganjar also encourages young people to continue to optimize their abilities in the business world. According to him, the development of domestic products in the future is determined by the nation’s children.

The high enthusiasm of young people when discussing with Ganjar Pranowo shows that they really support him to become President of the Republic of Indonesia in 2024. Ganjar is considered to be close to young people and can blend in flexibly. His words and help show that he cares and is not just an image. However, take action that can help others , especially young entrepreneurs in the MSME sector.

Ganjar Pranowo is aware that young entrepreneurs engaged in the MSME business need help. Especially after Indonesia has been hit by the Covid-19 pandemic for 3 years. MSME entrepreneurs are in the process of getting back on their feet after being hit by the effects of the pandemic, and they really appreciate the help from Ganjar. They are happy because there is a presidential candidate who wants to embrace young people to be more advanced.

The assistance given is motivation and free endorsement on their social media accounts so it is very helpful to promote the products of MSME businessmen. In fact, if entrepreneurs want to get endorsements from influencers who have millions of followers, they have to pay a very high price. However, Ganjar even made it free because he had good intentions to help MSME businessmen.

Moreover, the Ganjar Stalls don’t just display photos of MSME products for granted. However, it is also decorated in such a way that the visual appearance is attractive and makes many people want to buy the product. Ganjar Pranowo’s assistance to young entrepreneurs is truly total.

MSME business people thank Ganjar Pranowo for being given the opportunity to promote on his social media accounts. The assistance given by him is a ‘hook’ not a ‘fish’. That is, what is given is not just money, which can be spent on daily needs, even though it should be for business capital. However, promotional assistance is one way for the business to grow because it is better known by the wider community.

Presidential candidate Ganjar Pranowo is loved by the Indonesian people, especially the younger generation. They believe that Ganjar will be a potential leader who can make this country more advanced. Ganjar can mingle with young people and is willing to have discussions to motivate them. Ganjar also provides assistance in the form of free promotions to MSME entrepreneurs, so that their businesses can progress further.

)* The author is an alumni of Unpar

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