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Ganjar Pranowo Successfully Builds a Foundation for Bureaucratic Integrity in Central Java While Leading


SEMARANG — Ganjar Pranowo is considered successful in building the foundation for bureaucratic integrity in Central Java Province during his time as Governor for two terms.

This was stated by the Acting Governor of Central Java, Nana Sudjana, in his speech.

He considered that indeed Ganjar Pranowo had built a strong foundation of integrity and also very good governance.

It is known that these results were able to reduce the poverty rate in Central Java by up to one million people, including a reduction in maternal and infant mortality.

In addition, road infrastructure development has also reached up to 90 percent with better access to education for students from underprivileged families.

Ganjar then hoped that the integrity he had built during his ten years leading could be maintained so that the community could get good service.

“Change in mindset that has been built for more or less ten years, don’t let it break down, so that serving the community and not corruption is an important action for a bureaucracy,” he said.

Touching on the legacy he left for Central Java, the leader who was born in Karanganyar Regency did not hesitate to say that his legacy was a bureaucratic mindset with integrity.

“Changing mindsets. One serving, two guarding integrity. Those are the two most important in my opinion. “When it comes to indexes and all budget politics, everyone can debate, but in my opinion those two are the most visible and felt,” he stressed.

Meanwhile, Acting Governor of Central Java Nana Sudjana reminded regional heads and the ranks of Regional Apparatus Organizations (OPD) to continue to be careful in managing the budget.

“That’s why I ask that integrity and clean and accountable governance continue to be maintained,” he said.

As the recipient of the mandate to become Acting Governor, Nana admitted that he was very ready to continue the good work that has been carried out by Ganjar Pranowo so far.

Therefore, on behalf of the extended Provincial Government family, he expressed his thanks and highly appreciated what the PDI Perjuangan Presidential Candidate had succeeded in doing.

On another occasion, the former TNI Commander, Gen. (Ret.) Andika Perkasa also said that Ganjar Pranowo had the capital to be a leader who was very honest and had integrity.

Not only that, but the white-haired leader also had very high recognition from all his subjects.

“Well, if you look at public recognition, Mas Ganjar, these two variables are the highest, even twice as high,” said Andika.

“In fact, this needs to be looked at as one of the capital that must be optimized,” he added.

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