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Ganjar Pranowo Supports Balinese Youth to Develop Creative Industries and Recognition


By : Made Raditya )*

Ganjar Pranowo is a leader who is able to continue to absorb various kinds of aspirations conveyed by young people. One example is the implementation of a dialogue with youth in Bali, where they hope that in the future they can be increasingly involved in many government events, especially for creative industry players so they can get recognition. Listening to the aspirations shows that Ganjar is a person who really cares about the youth and the future of the nation.

The presidential candidate (Capres) from the Indonesian Democratic Party of Struggle (PDIP), Ganjar Pranowo, conducted a dialogue with the youth of the nation’s next generation, or also known as Gen Z in Bali. The dialogue he conducted had several very important objectives, in involving young people for the future of the nation.

It is known that some of the objectives of the dialogue conducted by the Governor of Central Java (Central Java) are to be more open about how young people in Bali can continue to be involved in the creative industry, then they continue to be recognized until they are able to be given access by the Government of the Republic of Indonesia (RI) ) with more and more to various things.

For information, the venue for the meeting between Ganjar Pranowo and young people in Bali was held at Kebon Vintage Cars Bali Classis, Denpasar on Saturday, June 17 2023.

On that stage, the presidential candidate from the party bearing the logo of a bull with a white muzzle then had a dialogue with a Youtuber named David Allen and also had a dialogue with a musician on the Island of the Gods or also a music award initiator in Bali named Gede Bagus.

At the beginning of the dialogue, when the leader, who is identical with white hair, asked David Allen and Gede Bagus to be able to tell what they were doing and what aspirations they wanted to convey.

Then, on that occasion, Gede Bagus told about how young people, including himself, have an interest in the regeneration of industrial players in Indonesia, especially on the Island of the Gods. Not only that, but he also revealed the matter so that the copyrights of creative works owned by people in the country can be protected even more, so that in the future the actors in the creative industry will have a much more prosperous life in their old age.

Furthermore, not only listening to the stories and complaints of the Balinese youth, but Ganjar also invited him to criticize the government so that he could criticize the government cynically and sadistically.

Furthermore, there were at least 3 (three) criticisms submitted by Balinese youth to the Government of Indonesia. The Island of the Gods youth considers that so far the government has rarely involved actors in the local creative industry in any events or activities sponsored by the government.

The second criticism is about how important it is for the state to recognize the profession of actors in the creative industry. The reason is, with good recognition from the state, then of course it will also have an impact on the banking sector, where they will be willing to provide credit to young creative sector actors.

This is because for now it is as if the artists are still considered not to have a bright future. This fact is inversely proportional abroad, because in fact as much as 70% (percent) of the economic rulers are creative industry players.

So he asked for more proper recognition that the creative industry is also a profession. It is clear that in this case, actors in the creative industries, including young people in Bali, are asking for recognition from the government.

Furthermore, the youths on the Island of the Gods also suggested that there should be a creative economic agency that would listen more and more to suggestions and creative ideas provided by artists, especially those from the lower classes.

Hearing all the complaints that were conveyed by the youth in Bali, suddenly Ganjar Pranowo immediately took real action by calling the Governor of Bali, I Wayan Koster. 

The next complaint was conveyed by a Youtuber named David Allen who admitted that in fact there are opportunities for all young people in Indonesia to become content creators, even those who are able to introduce the country to the world are very large.

Young people in Bali hope that they can be even more involved in various kinds of activities or events organized by the government, especially so that the government can see and acknowledge the existence of actors in the creative industry and also so that they can get recognition. Hearing all these complaints, then Ganjar Pranowo immediately absorbed all the aspirations of the youth, which showed that he was a leader who cared about the fate of the nation’s next generation.

)* The author is a contributor to the Denpasar Reading Room

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