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Ganjar Pranowo, the 2024 presidential candidate is able to bridge the diversity of Indonesian society


By: Aulia Hawa )*

Ganjar Pranowo as the presidential candidate (Capres) from the PDIP in 2024 is considered very capable of continuing to bridge the existence of high diversity in the background of Indonesian society. This is evident from the track record of his leadership in leading Central Java as a Governor during the last two terms.

Right on Tuesday, May 16 2023, the Governor of Central Java (Central Java), Ganjar Pranowo, officially inaugurated the National Renewal House in Central Java, which is located at the Peace House on Jalan Imam Bonjol, Semarang. The inauguration ceremony was also enlivened by the likurai dance and Tihar music.

All the uproar and celebration of the inauguration of the National Assimilation House is one of the proofs that how the local community is very satisfied and assesses the figure of Ganjar who is also a Presidential Candidate (Capres) from the Indonesian Democratic Party of Struggle (PDIP) has been very successful in continuing to bring harmony in the midst of existing social differences.

It is also known that the inauguration of the National Assimilation House was also initiated by the Central Java National Assimilation Forum (FPK), which consists of various ethnic groups in the country, ranging from Javanese, Sundanese, Dayak, Minang to Papuan tribes.

Regarding the inauguration of the National Assimilation House in Central Java Province, the Chairperson of the Central Java FPK, Muhammad Adnan stated that the existence of the building which is a symbol of the unity of the diverse communities in Indonesia is even the only one in Central Java.

Meanwhile, Presidential Candidate Ganjar Pranowo revealed that with the inauguration of the National Assimilation House, it would be able to become a meeting point for the differences that exist in Indonesia. The reason is that this nation itself has a very high level of diversity or diversity of social backgrounds.

It cannot be denied at all that indeed all people in Indonesia consist of various ethnicities, religions, races and also between groups. With the ownership of this very high diversity figure, of course all elements of the nation must be able to continue to increase their sense of tolerance as well as brotherhood and unity to continue to maintain the integrity of the Unitary State of the Republic of Indonesia (NKRI).

Furthermore, with the National Assimilation House which has been inaugurated in Central Java, it is also able to become a space for exchanging ideas between people who have differences, and also people will be able to learn from each other that the differences they have are true reinforcements. for national unity.

All pioneers as well as community leaders consisting of various ethnic groups in Central Java attended the inauguration of the National Mixing House. There were community leaders from Nias, Java, Maluku to East Nusa Tenggara (NTT) and even from Papua.

All community leaders representing each of their respective tribes continued to strengthen their agreement and also their strong commitment together and considered that it was indeed very important for the existence of the National Mixing House because it was considered a facility from the Central Java Provincial Government under the leadership of Ganjar Pranowo for them to be able to meet and share ideas.

This also really shows how the figure of a Cadre from PDIP who has also been appointed directly by the General Chairperson (Ketum) of the Indonesian Democratic Party of Struggle, namely Megawati Soekarnoputri, that the figure of Ganjar is indeed considered to continue to strive to continue to increase the sense of tolerance that exists in the region. leadership, namely Central Java, which so far has actually been built very well.

Of course, since the era of Ganjar Pranowo’s leadership as Governor in Central Java for the last 2 (two) periods, there have been many rapid developments in the province, including in terms of increasing the sense of tolerance and brotherhood as well as the unity of the entire community.

In fact, the data shows that the survey in the early April showed that there were at least 10 (ten) cities that were considered the most tolerant in Indonesia. The extraordinary leadership of a PDIP cadre, Ganjar Pranowo, is that he was able to bring as many as 4 (four) cities in Central Java to the list of the most tolerant cities in the country. The four cities in Central Java are Salatiga City, Surakarta City, Semarang City and also Magelang City.

The existence of diversity from all Indonesian people is indeed something that has been owned by this nation for a long time, even before independence. Therefore, this nation really needs a leader who continues to be able to bridge the diversity of people from very high backgrounds, which figure is very attached to the 2024 Presidential Candidate Ganjar Pranowo because it has been very proven that he is able to implement this. During his leadership he served as governor in Central Java.

)* The author is a contributor to Lingkar Nusantara 

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