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Ganjar Pranowo’s support as a presidential candidate continues to expand


JAKARTA – Volunteers at Gapura Nusantara, which include the TNI-Polri, academics, YouTubers, artists, and millennials have also declared their support for the presidential candidate, Ganjar Pranowo.

Admiral TNI (Purn) Bernard Kent Sondakh as chairman of the Gapura Nusantara Volunteers explained that after in-depth discussions related to nationalists who wanted to protect the nation from polemics of radicalism, intolerance, terrorism, and even the teachings of the caliphate, they had found the right person to carry out this mission.

“Through in-depth discussions, we looked at the track records of the figures and found that the most qualified was Pak Ganjar,” he said in Kelapa Gading, North Jakarta, Saturday (10/11)

Furthermore, TNI Admiral (Purn) Bernard Kent Sondakh also invited other retired TNI and Polri officers who have a similar vision to support Ganjar.

Ganjar Pranowo himself arrived at the event venue around 08.00 WIB wearing a black shirt.

Ganjar supporters look enthusiastic about welcoming Ganjar. The white-haired presidential candidate was also greeted with a song by Njarji Njarbeh “Ganjar Siji Ganjar Kabeh”.

They also seemed to be scrambling to take pictures with Ganjar. Besides that, they seemed enthusiastic to shake hands with Ganjar.

“Ganjar, Mas Ganjar. Pak Ganjar,” shouted the volunteers.

Previously, a number of Golkar Party cadres who were members of the Ganjar Golkar Movement (2G) declared themselves to support Ganjar Pranowo as a presidential candidate.

This was disclosed by Dian Assafri, as General Chairperson of the Golkar Party’s Young Cadres (KMPG). According to him, Ganjar is an ideal leader who is able to continue the vision and mission of the nation.

“Pak Ganjar is the right figure to lead this nation after Jokowi, because he has competence and a clear vision regarding the sustainability of Indonesia’s development vision going forward,” he said.

Meanwhile, Sidoarjo Volunteers declared their full support for the presidential candidate Ganjar Pranowo, the PDI Perjuangan supporter, at GOR Delta Sidoarjo, East Java, on Saturday (10/6. The volunteer group stated that they fully support Ganjar as the next 2024 presidential candidate.

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