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Ganjar’s electability continues to increase, PDIP is optimistic about winning in West Java


JAKARTA — Ganjar Pranowo’s electability rate continues to increase day by day. This made the PDI Perjuangan very optimistic that its presidential candidate would be able to win in West Java.

Chairman of the West Java PDI Perjuangan DPD, Ono Surono conveyed the latest survey results from the Saiful Mujani Research & Consulting (SMRC) agency for the July 2023 period.

He admitted that he was grateful because he saw how the electability level of his party and also Ganjar Pranowo’s electoral numbers continued to rise, which showed the amount of support from the community.

“Thank God for the Legislative Election, the West Java PDI Perjuangan is always number one, and in our Presidential Election there has been an increase in the support of the West Java people for Ganjar Pranowo which continues to increase,” said Ono.

The increase in electability experienced by the leader with white hair occurred after the West Java PDI Perjuangan conducted socialization to the public and has continued to increase since the announcement of the Presidential Candidate by Megawati Soekarnoputri.

Of course, this also cannot be separated from how solidity and maximum movement is carried out by the party.

“After Mas Ganjar was announced on April 21, 2023, we maximally moved, right before that we were only volunteers because parties were not allowed to move yet,” he said

“We are waiting for a decision from the general chairperson, in practice we will only move in May and June, it has only been two months and Mas Ganjar continues to increase his electability,” said Ono.

With the latest survey results, of course Ono is very optimistic that Ganjar Pranowo will be much better known and accepted by all people in West Java.

“We are confident that with the movement of the three pillars of the PDI Perjuangan party, PPP, Hanura and Perindo plus our volunteers, at least on February 14, 2024, Ganjar will win,” he said.

Meanwhile, regarding the results of the latest survey, Sahabat Ganjar (Saga) also released a survey on the politics and electability of the PDI Perjuangan cadres.

Saga Advisory Board, Fahlesa Munabari explained that in the results of the survey conducted, it turns out that the name Ganjar Pranowo continues to be the highest and even gets the title as the father of tolerance.

“In the survey we conducted, Mr. Ganjar in the Top of Mind Candidates got a high score, namely 18.9 on the basis of age 21 and below, Mr. Ganjar excelled at 44.9 based on religion, had a very high score at 46.6,” he explained .

“For him, Pak Ganjar received the title of father of tolerance, and other bases only differ slightly from his political opponents,” said Fahlesa.

On the same occasion, political observer Ujang Komarudin was also present and said that the data from the survey was indeed quite objective, because it was relatively the same as the survey results belonging to various other institutions.

“I agree with the statistics presented earlier, the data is similar to other survey institutions, so this survey is quite objective,” he added.

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