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Gibran Getting Closer to Ganjar Pranowo, President Jokowi’s Sign of Very Strong Support


By : Abqary Rauf)*

Gibran seems to be getting closer and closer to Ganjar Pranowo. This can be captured as a signal that President Jokowi also has strong support for him because only the presidential candidate from the PDI Perjuangan is capable of continuing all of the Head of State’s development programs.

Having a good personality, including one that is diligent or fond of sports is one of the values ​​and plus points that should be considered when choosing a national leader in the future. This is found in the Presidential Candidate (Capres) carried by the Indonesian Democratic Party of Struggle (PDI-P) Ganjar Pranowo.

On one occasion, he had an agenda to start his morning by exercising in Solo City, Central Java Province (Central Java). During the sports activity, it turned out that the white-haired man was also visited by the eldest son of the President of the Republic of Indonesia (RI), Joko Widodo (Jokowi) who also served as Solo Mayor (Walkot), Gibran Rakabuming Raka.

In fact, since early in the morning, Gibran had come to the hotel where Ganjar Pranowo was staying to do morning sports activities together, namely jogging. After a few minutes of jogging together, the two leaders released the Tour de Borobudur participants and also had breakfast together.

On the same occasion, the Governor of Central Java Province (Central Java) gave a very high appreciation to the Mayor of Solo because he was considered to have prepared a very attractive place at the Mangkunegaran Temple. How could it not be, because the management of a number of tourist destinations in the city of Solo, one of which is the Mangkunegaran Temple, is indeed managed very well by him, including in that place, every holiday there will definitely be interesting show events.

Knowing how significant the progress is from proper management related to the Mangkunegaran Temple, Ganjar Pranowo even mentioned that now the place is like a space plaza that can be used to organize many big events. He is also very grateful to Gibran for providing full and optimal support for the development of sport tourism.

Meanwhile, Gibran Rakabuming Raka himself admitted that he was indeed very close to Ganjar Pranowo, not even half-hearted, the eldest son of the Head of State admitted that he was very ready to accompany the Presidential Candidate from the PDI Perjuangan in making his visits to all corners of the country.

Also on one occasion, the 54-year-old leader said that Gibran himself had communicated a lot and had also expressed his strong intention and strong commitment to continue to be able to participate in all activities carried out by the PDI Perjuangan presidential candidate.

Furthermore, the participation of President Jokowi’s eldest son in a series of activities is a form of Gibran’s full support for Ganjar Pranowo. The interpretation of all the series of actions taken by the Mayor of Solo is a single thing and there is absolutely no other interpretation in it.

This support is very clear and certain, even including how the support from the current Seventh President of the Republic of Indonesia, who is also a cadre from the party led by Megawati Soekarnoputri, is the same as the political house owned by the Governor of Central Java who is now a Presidential Candidate and ready to fight in the upcoming 2024 presidential election.

On the other hand, Gibran Rakabuming Raka himself once mentioned that his father, President Jokowi, had set only one name to continue to be supported in the 2024 Presidential Election. Then from these remarks, the United Development Party (PPP) considered that in a very rational and positive way, of course the support referred to is only for the name Ganjar Pranowo.

The Chairman of the PPP Central Leadership Council (DPP), Achmad Baidowi or who is more familiarly called Awiek then added that the support from the Head of State was certainly not without reason and came just like that, because it was only the figure of Ganjar who had a very high chance of being able to continue all kinds of work programs to policies that have been promoted by President Jokowi during his leadership.

Apart from that, it is common knowledge that Ganjar Pranowo and President Joko Widodo have the same political party (Parpol) background, namely the party bearing the bull logo with a white muzzle, PDI Perjuangan. Another similarity that the two have in common is that they come from Central Java, so it is clear that the closeness between the two is a natural affinity.

Various kinds of signals of support from President Jokowi have been greatly and increasingly strengthened, namely only to the figure of Ganjar Pranowo as his successor who will be able to carry out and continue all of his work programs and policies. Apart from that, the closeness that is established with Gibran Rakabuming Raka is also a very strong signal of the direction of support that has been set by the Head of State.

)* The author is a contributor to Ganjar Rising Stars (LINE)

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