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Government Maximizes Bali IPU Preparation


By: Aulia Hawa )*

The Inter Parliamentary Union (IPU) will be held in Bali from 20 to 24 March 2022. The government will maximize IPU preparations in Bali considering the importance of the smooth running of the event.

The pandemic is still in effect but this condition does not immediately make us depressed, it is precisely at times like this that Indonesia dares to host the Inter Parliamentary Union, because this forum will bring a lot of good for the country. The preparation of the event must be done to the maximum in order to take place perfectly.

The Chairperson of the Indonesian House of Representatives, Puan Maharani, directly observed the IPU preparations in Bali. Puan stated that the preparation must be maximal, especially the internet signal. In a sense, the internet is indeed important because all communication access at this event must have a strong signal. If the internet is not smooth then the committee will be distraught.

SOEs in the telecommunications sector have prepared internet access to make the IPU event a success. Even prepared 5G signal for this event. Internet access is indeed prepared if there are IPU member countries that attend virtually due to the increase in cases in their country, so the IPU is held in a hybrid manner.

Puan Maharani continued, the IPU preparations that were considered were also about queuing. Take care not to overcrowd and cause a crowd. This queue must also be arranged neatly and pay attention to time, so as not to harm the Balinese people. In a sense, Puan’s statement is true because the IPU is for the benefit of the people and should not make them complain because of traffic jams.

To minimize crowds, the IPU will use a bubble system. This system is quite familiar because it is also used at PON XX Papua, races in Mandalika, NTB, and several other performances. In the bubble system, there are limitations when the delegates of the IPU participating countries are active, so they cannot wander around after the meeting is over.

In addition, if there is a bubble system, the meeting is not held in full, aka all delegates are placed in one place, but there are certain groups, thereby reducing crowds and automatically complying with health protocols. That way, every risk will be minimized to be safe and healthy.

The risk of corona is indeed obligatory to be minimized and all IPU participants and the committee must be swab tested every day, the aim is of course to find out whether they are positive or negative. Everyone is required to order swabs because it is a standard protocol in the pandemic era.

Health protocols (Prokes) must also be adhered to and maximum preparations are made, the aim of which is to prevent the formation of new clusters. In addition to setting the distance between chairs and the maximum room capacity (50%), another process that must be adhered to is the use of masks. This rule must be adhered to without exception because masks are the main protection.

The IPU delegates understand the enforcement of the rules regarding masks, because in their country they are also orderly to wear masks. Even wearing a double mask to prevent transmission of omicron. It’s not just enough with a face shield because it’s not optimal in protecting the mouth and nose.

These preparations must be maximized so that the committee can run the event well. Support is also provided not only from state-owned companies in the transportation sector but also other related state-owned enterprises, as well as MSMEs. Everyone collaborated for the success of this event.

The IPU will be held in the near future and the preparations are getting better. Starting from the committee to SOEs and supporting MSMEs, will maximize this event so that it takes place successfully. IPU will bring many advantages so that guests or delegates from IPU member countries will be served very well.

)* The author is a contributor to the Press Circle and Cikini Students

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