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Having a brilliant idea, Ganjar Pranowo’s electability is solid at the top of the SMRC survey


JAKARTA — Because of his many advantages, including himself having very brilliant ideas for Indonesia Gold 2045, it is not surprising why the electability of Ganjar Pranowo continues to lead.

Saiful Mujani Research and Consulting (SMRC) has made a recent survey regarding the interest in public support for presidential candidates in the upcoming presidential election.

As a result, the name Ganjar Pranowo was in the top position in the closed choice simulation for the three names of the Presidential Candidates.

SMRC Research Director, Deni Irvani said that the PDI Perjuangan presidential candidate had won up to 35.9 percent of the vote.

“In the closed choice simulation of three names, Ganjar received 35.9 percent support, statistically balanced with Prabowo’s 33.6 percent (the difference in votes is less than 2x moe). Anies is in third position with 20.4 percent support. Those who don’t know are 10.1 percent,” said Deni.

Furthermore, according to him, Ganjar’s electoral numbers have consistently increased since the last two years, in contrast to other candidate names which are still stagnant or tend to decrease.

Deni explained that in the last two years, May 2021 to August 2023, support for Ganjar has increased from 25.5 percent to 35.9 percent, while Prabowo has stagnated from 34.1 percent to 33.6 percent.

“And Anies tends to fall from 23.5 percent to 20.4 percent,” he said.

It is undeniable that the white-haired leader has a lot of supporters because his quality is considered very qualified.

In the National Gathering, he conveyed various kinds of ideas to be able to go to Golden Indonesia in the year 2045.

There are three important points put forward by Ganjar Pranowo to be able to welcome Indonesia Gold.

The first, according to him, is about the prosperity of the people in the country. This prosperity point consists of an increase in electricity per capita, a portion of renewable generating capacity, to access to drinking water.

“Electricity per capita, for example, 3,500 kwh. The share of renewable generating capacity is 74 percent. The prevalence of food insufficiency is 21 percent, and household access to ready-to-drink water must be 100 percent, among others,” said Ganjar at the location.

Then the second thing that is important is an increase in public health services that can increase life expectancy up to 80 years.

“Our stunting prevalence will reach 5 percent and the tuberculosis incidence will be 76 per 100,000 people. TB has not been resolved to this day, Indonesia is ready,” said Ganjar.

The next point, according to Ganjar, is related to education, which research in Indonesia should be further enhanced.

“Today we have IDR 200 trillion of money that we put as an endowment fund at the LPDP and that’s the research we have to do,” he explained.

“We already have BRIN, we have great campuses today, we have great entrepreneurs and we have dreams to make them come true,” said Ganjar.

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