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Having a good track record and experience in leading, W Sumatra Ulama Support Ganjar


Believed to have a very good track record, as well as being very experienced in leading an area and being involved in the state bureaucracy, the clerics in West Sumatra (West Sumatra) gave full support to Ganjar Pranowo. Apart from that, they are also very optimistic that this nation will become far more advanced in the future under the leadership of the PDI Perjuangan presidential candidate.

One of the criteria for an ideal leader to be able to lead a nation that has various backgrounds in society, such as in Indonesia, is a leader who can be moderate and is also able to prioritize the role of the clergy in carrying out his government programs.

Not only that, but what kind of track record and what kind of leadership experience does this figure have also deserves to be taken into consideration when deciding who to vote for, especially ahead of the circulation of leadership changes through democratic parties and political contestation, the General Election (Election). in the next 2024.

It’s not enough to get there, but how is the figure of a leader who is also able to continue to strive to implement various kinds of community life philosophy values, of course, will definitely be an added value for this figure.

All of these advantages turned out to be in the Presidential Candidate (Capres) who was promoted by the Indonesian Democratic Party of Struggle (PDI-P), Ganjar Pranowo. So it’s no wonder why his figure has the full support of the clergy and also community leaders in Minangkabau, West Sumatra Province (West Sumatra).

Buya Zainal MS as one of the community leaders in W Sumatra explained that when he saw a male leadership figure who was identical with white hair when he was Governor in Central Java Province (Central Java) for 2 (two) leadership periods, it turned out that his figure was indeed a moderate leader . Besides that, it is also able to implement the values ​​of the philosophy of life of the Minangkabau people, namely Adat Basandi Sarak, Sarak Basandi Kitabullah.

How is the philosophy contained in the Minangkabau people, in which their philosophy of life is based on the holy book, it turns out that it is very much in line with the leadership character of Ganjar Pranowo, which he had been doing while leading Central Java.

Furthermore, it would indeed be a priority and would be very fair if there were leaders who could prioritize the interests and welfare of the clergy and the people in a balanced manner. Therefore, the clerics and community leaders in West Sumatra immediately focused on supporting the 54-year-old leader.

According to Buya Zainal, Ganjar Pranowo was indeed a leader who was able to pay close attention to the ulama, in fact he often asked for opinions from the ulama and was able to establish good cooperation in running his government with the ulama. Various kinds of solutions on how to build the right nation were also obtained from the scholars. Moreover, his figure is also considered as a leader who is very populist and cares about the fate of his people.

One clear example of the efforts of the leader who was born in Karanganyar Regency to involve scholars for his policies or programs was when he succeeded in implementing a program to reduce poverty in Central Java, such as the realization of the uninhabitable housing program (RTLH) for the pre-prosperous people there. The success of this program has been recorded so far, more than 1 million homes have been renovated.

Then, in order not to burden the Regional Revenue and Expenditure Budget (APBD) too much but still be able to optimize poverty alleviation, Ganjar Pranowo has a brilliant innovation, namely through the use of Zakat funds for the State Civil Apparatus of the Central Java Provincial Government (ASN Pemprov) in collaboration with the Amil Zakat Agency Central Java National Agency (Baznas). From this cooperation managed to get as much as 57 billion Rupiah of zakat collection.

The people of West Sumatra are also very able to feel that the PDI Perjuangan presidential candidate will be able to continue to guard this nation to become a safe country by paying attention to cultural values ​​when he becomes the President of the Republic of Indonesia.

Meanwhile, the Minangkabau charismatic cleric, Tuanku Bagindo H. Mohammad also emphasized that Ganjar Pranowo deserved to be captain in Indonesia because he had the potential and very strong character to be able to unite all people in the country.

Especially with how the slogan that was usually put forward by the cadres from the party led by Megawati Soekarnoputri, namely ‘My lord, yes the people, a position is only a mandate’, it is clear that this slogan can become a benchmark that a figure is a leader who has very high morality.

Because he has so many advantages which are the criteria for being the most ideal leader for Indonesia in the future, it is no wonder why support for Ganjar Pranowo can continue to expand, even from many circles, including scholars in West Sumatra (West Sumatra) who believe he has a record Excellent track record and leadership experience.

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