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Having a lot of experience, Ganjar Pranowo is the right figure to lead Indonesia


Because he has a lot of experience while serving and leading, starting from the DPR RI to being the Governor of Central Java for two terms, Ganjar Pranowo is the most appropriate figure to be able to continue and further accelerate the nation’s development.

The Secretary General of the Indonesian Democratic Party of Struggle (PDI-P Secretary General), Hasto Kristiyanto, expressed his belief in the figure of the Presidential Candidate (Capres) promoted by the party led by Megawati Soekarnoputri, Ganjar Pranowo when he leads Indonesia in the future.

According to Hasto, the leadership of the man who is synonymous with white hair will certainly make development in the country accelerate significantly in the future. The reason is, the leader also has a lot of experience in leadership and in the bureaucracy in Indonesia.

It is known that the experience possessed by Ganjar Pranowo himself is indeed extraordinary because he has served as a member of the People’s Representative Council of the Republic of Indonesia (DPR RI) even for 2 (two) periods. It didn’t stop there, but he has also served as governor in Central Java Province (Central Java) for 2 (two) terms as well.

So, looking at the achievements and track record of experience possessed by the presidential candidate from the party bearing the bull logo with the white muzzle, of course one can immediately see how promising he is to be able to lead the Republic of Indonesia (RI) in the future to continue all the work programs that have been was initiated by the President of the Republic of Indonesia, Joko Widodo (Jokowi).

In fact, the success of Ganjar Pranowo, who was able to serve for 2 (two) terms in the DPR RI and also 2 (two) periods as Governor of Central Java, also proves that the love and trust of the whole community is also very great for him.

It has been proven that in fact the community has given extraordinary trust, namely by continuing to elect him and entrusting leadership to the 54-year-old man. So that his image in the public has always been well-regarded and known.

Not only that, on the other hand, the DPR RI Legislative Candidate (Bacaleg) from the Indonesian Unity Party (Perindo) from the Electoral District of the Special Capital City Region of Jakarta (Dapil DKI Jakarta I) in East Jakarta, Aiman ​​Witjaksono also considers that the figure of Ganjar Pranowo has lots of good experiences, especially in building villages that were originally poor, now very developed in Central Java.

Of course, the series of leadership experience possessed by the Presidential Candidate from the PDI Perjuangan is very sufficient to be able to continue and also be applied throughout Indonesia to also elevate the nation’s status and make the country develop even further.

Until now, the extreme poverty figures owned by the Province of Central Java itself, which is still chaired by Ganjar Pranowo as the Governor, have proven to be successful in continuing to be suppressed and continue to show very positive results. As an example of a real case, when the COVID-19 pandemic hit some time ago, it caused a weakening of the economy throughout the world, including in Indonesia, and caused the poverty rate to increase as well.

However, with all of his extraordinary work programs, it turned out that as Governor in Central Java, he was able to successfully reduce the poverty rate very quickly, namely in March 2022 it was 3.93 people to only 3.83 million people. This is according to data from the Central Statistics Agency (BPS) survey, namely the number of reductions in the poverty rate in Central Java is the largest when compared to as many as 24 other provinces in Indonesia.

Armed with all this extraordinary leadership experience and also the success scored by Ganjar Pranowo in being able to quickly reduce poverty and achieve development, of course this can also be implemented very well to lead Indonesia in the future.

It should also be noted that the results of the BPS National Socio-Economic Survey (Susenas) in March 2022 showed that the poverty rate in Central Java itself could fall by 0.32 percentage points, namely 10.93 percent. Whereas previously, in September 2021 the poverty rate there was recorded up to 11.25 percentage points.

On another occasion, the Director for Politics and Defense and Security of the Research and Innovation Agency (BRIN), Moch. Nurhasim believes that it is very natural for millennials to think that Ganjar Pranowo is the most ideal figure as the nation’s future leader because of the experience he has.

The acceleration of development which has been intensified so far with various kinds of programs from President Jokowi will also be very optimal to continue. So it cannot be denied that Ganjar Pranowo is indeed the right person thanks to his many experiences.

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