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Having a strong religious background, rewarding leadership matches PPP’s vision


By: Haikal Fathan Akbar )*

Considered to have a strong religious background, the leadership of Ganjar Pranowo is considered very compatible with the vision and mission of PPP, namely to build the nation and state by continuing to uphold the unity of the people. 

Deputy Chairperson of the United Development Party (PPP), Arsul Sani admitted that so far, the name Ganjar Pranowo himself has received the strongest encouragement to be carried as a Presidential Candidate (Capres) in the upcoming 2024 general election by his party cadres.

He explained this because indeed the majority of the PPP DPW itself had proposed the name of the Governor of Central Java to become the Candidate for President from PPP also after some time ago officially, he was carried out by Megawati Soekarnoputri at the DPP Meeting of the Indonesian Democratic Party of Struggle (PDI-P).

Previously, the proposals from the PPP regional leaders had been taken up after they carried out the Rapinwil or Mukerwil which were also attended by various branches in their respective provinces. So far, the DPP PPP itself continues to provide opportunities and also continues to accommodate all input from the DPW, so that the dynamics of the Rapimnas in Yogyakarta are running well.

With this open opportunity, each structure at the regional level during the Rapimnas in Yogyakarta, starting from the provincial or branch level, regency or city level, have all been given the freedom to be able to convey their aspirations regarding the promotion of the Bacapres and Bacawapres. for the 2024 election.

All these discussions and inputs have been mutually discussed and debated so far, until in the end it had to be narrowed down and decided on one name.

In the same vein, the Chairman of the PPP DPP, Yunus Razak also stated that indeed the name Ganjar Pranowo himself had been proposed a lot as a presidential candidate by PPP at the Rapimnas in Yogyakarta. Apart from that, he also considered that the governor of Central Java was indeed a leader who was very suitable to become the presidential candidate of his party.

How could it not be, because so far the preference of Ganjar Pranowo himself is also very strong with PPP, because historically he has the same vision in building the nation and the people, all of them are in accordance with the party. On the other hand, Ganjar also has a Nahdatul Ulama (NU) family background which is definitely one vision with PPP. 

In line with that, the kyai who are members of the Young Kyai of East Java Province, where they also declare their full support for the presidential candidate promoted by the PDIP to become the RI 2024 presidential candidate. Not only that, they also consider that the figure of Ganjar is a figure who are nationalist, religious, humanist and also close to the people and the clergy. 

Indeed, it is not without reason that Ganjar Pranowo was chosen as the 2024 presidential candidate by PDI Perjuangan. The reason is quite clear from Ganjar’s other history, namely that he has a close relationship with PPP because his in-laws and brother-in-law are party cadres, where Ganjar’s brother-in-law is the Chairperson of the DPC PPP Purbalingga. 

Another strong reason for Ganjar Pranowo being promoted as a Presidential Candidate for 2024 is that he has very good integrity and electability among the people so that it is considered that he is capable of occupying Indonesia’s top position, namely as the upcoming 2024 President compared to other figures. For these reasons, political communication was formed with the Chairperson of the PDIP and PPP to nominate Ganjar Pranowo as the 2024 Presidential Candidate. 

Furthermore, the future plans that will be carried out by PPP, which are entirely based on the mandate of the party’s Rapimnas, Mardiono said that his party would continue to encourage all cadres to be able to be paired as Vice Presidential Candidates accompanying Presidential Candidate Ganjar Pranowo. 

This effort was carried out by PPP as soon as possible to carry out communication and political steps in the context of fulfilling this goal. Not only will he directly carry out political communication to support his cadres accompanying Ganjar, the steps will be followed by the party by building closeness to the PDIP and also communicating with the General Chairperson of the United Indonesia Coalition Political Party. 

Then, the next step that will soon be taken by PPP is to continue political communication with the President of the Republic of Indonesia (RI), Joko Widodo (Jokowi) regarding the direction of the party’s political path going forward. Of course, all of these communications were conveyed in accordance with the provisions of Rapimnas V PPP as the direction for the political path of struggle. 

PPP’s vision and mission compatibility with Presidential Candidate Ganjar Pranowo are very suitable. Therefore, it is not surprising that his leadership is considered very suitable to be continuously supported. Moreover, he is a figure with a religious, nationalist and cultured background. 

)* Vimedia Pratama Institute Contributor

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