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Having Many Achievements , Jambi Community Figures Give Support to Ganjar  Pranowo


Jambi – Community leaders in Jambi Province have given their support to the presidential candidate (Capres) Ganjar Pranowo in the 2024 Presidential Election thanks to a series of flashy achievements.

Village Volunteers for Ganjar (Des Ganjar) in Jambi Province met 2024 presidential candidate Ganjar Pranowo directly to convey his support for the upcoming 2024 Presidential Election.

“This is our community from Des Ganjar, then I also brought groups or community leaders from Jambi to meet Pak Ganjar, wanting to express support for Pak Ganjar. So these friends from Jambi agreed to make Mr. Ganjar our president in 2024-2029,” said Tigor, Sinaga, Chair of Des Ganjar Jambi.

Furthermore, Tigor revealed that his party supported the Governor of Central Java because he saw a series of achievements in the province he led had made progress during the two terms.

“There is no other choice indeed, that (Pak Ganjar) is the best. We’ll see from his experience in Central Java that for two periods as governor there have been many advances there,” he continued.

The concept promoted by Ganjar in developing villages and his commitment to success are considered one of the proofs of the white-haired leader’s seriousness to build the nation starting from the village.

“What is most interesting to friends in the regions is Pak Ganjar’s concept to build Indonesia from the village, so that the people are happy. If the people are happy, surely Indonesia will progress, very simple,” he said.

On the other hand, the PDIP Party presidential candidate said that he was very concerned about mental health, especially among the younger generation, which is a national priority.

Remembering that he also grew up from a hardworking family, had to fight first, he ultimately had a strong will. Together with his wife, the two of them collaborated to open up about mental health problems.

“Atikoh encourages us to support one another, to reach out to neighbors when they are dealing with stress or grief, and to offer help or even just to listen attentively,” she explains.

In fact, Ganjar and his wife, Atikoh, are both very concerned about the mental health of the community, especially for the younger generation. He also emphasized that they were not alone.

To overcome this problem, Ganjar invites related parties to collaborate to build high awareness of the importance of mental health.

“As well as expanding access to mental health counseling at the puskesmas and hopefully there will also be more friends who look after each other. My message is, let’s play sidekick, take care of our friends, grow a sense of solidarity so that we become happy humans and generations, let’s push this problem to become one of the national priorities,” he concluded.

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