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Holding Coffee with Banjarnegara Residents, Ganjar Absorbs All Community Aspirations


BANJARNEGARA — Organizing an angry coffee agenda with residents in Banjarnegara Regency, Ganjar Pranowo directly absorbed all the aspirations of the people.

The presidential candidate carried by the PDI Perjuangan, Ganjar Pranowo held an event to be able to provide an opportunity for the community to convey suggestions and problems that exist in their village to be able to get solutions directly.

The purpose of holding a coffee coffee program together with residents is of course also to be able to become much closer to the community.

It is known that some of the problems experienced by residents in Banjarnegara are fertilizer difficulties, stunting and requests for assistance.

One of the residents of Mertasari Village, Yatin Suyatno, stated that so far it has been difficult for the community to get fertilizer according to the area of ​​land they are cultivating.

Then, hearing the complaint, Ganjar Pranowo immediately responded well to this aspiration and provided a solution so that it could be resolved immediately.

As information, it turns out that the man who also serves as the Governor of Central Java has held this coffee gathering together several times.

This is indeed to be able to absorb all the aspirations of the residents and provide education to the community about various programs that they can directly experience.

In addition, the arrival of the leader who is identical with white hair is also to be able to ensure that his program related to efforts to reduce extreme poverty can be carried out properly.

According to him, because of conditions related to education which is a problem in alleviating extreme poverty in Banjarnegara.

Therefore, Ganjar immediately provided a solution in the form of free schools and collaborated with the district government and local offices.

“He just needs school, we asked him to free all of our schools. Whether chasing a package, or whatever because he is 15 years old, I am worried that he will get married early, don’t let it happen,” he said.

Furthermore, the PDI Perjuangan cadre also revealed various kinds of programs in an effort to eradicate extreme poverty.

“Remarkably, this is what we are after. One, those who are in the extreme category of poverty find their house unfit for habitation. We help with the house, we provide latrines, clean water has arrived, electricity has also received assistance from the province, complete. The house is finished and is fit for purpose,” he said.

Being a leader who is very close to the people is indeed one of Ganjar Pranowo’s main points. So it’s not surprising, why its electability continues to increase.

In this regard, PPP spokesperson Usman M Tokan said that his party continues to be optimistic about the electoral numbers owned by the presidential candidate whose party is the stretcher.

“God willing, Mas Ganjar will be leading when we move together,” he said.

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