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IESF World Esport Championship Has Been Officially Held in Bali, PB ESI Targets Overall Champion


By: Putu Raditya )*

Esports has become a fairly prestigious sport, where a gamer has the opportunity to make Indonesia proud through games on the device. Related to this, Indonesia will host the esports world cup titled IESF Bali 14 World Esports Championships.

Starting December 2 and ending on December 11, 2022 the 14th World Esports Championship which was held at the Merusaka Nusa Dua Bali hotel was officially opened by fighting over 6 game numbers, including: Tekken 7, Dota 2, Mobile Legend: Bang Bang, PUBG Mobile, eFootball 2022, and CS:GO.

The Minister of Youth and Sports of the Republic of Indonesia (Menpora RI) Zainudin Amali officially opened the IESF Bali 14th World Esports Championship 2022 in Merusaka, Nusa Dua, Bali on Friday night.

Menpora Zainudin Amali appreciated the hard work of the Indonesian Esport Management (PB ESI) being able to hold an international event attended by 105 countries and attended by at least 600 athletes.

The opening ceremony was attended by the Daily Chairperson of the Indonesian Esports Executive Board Bambang Sunarwibowo and President of the International Esport Federation (IESF) Vlad Marinescu, General Chairperson of the Indonesian Olympic Committee (KOI) Raja Sapta Oktohari, General Chairperson of the Central National Sports Committee (KONI) Marciano Norman, and the governor Bali WayanKoster.

As the host, of course Indonesia has high optimism to win gold and is targeting the overall champion.

Budi Gunawan as General Chairperson of PB ESI and Bambang Sunarwibowo as Deputy Chairperson of PB ESI gave direction that Indonesia must be successful as an organizer and successful in achievements. With this enthusiasm and commitment, Indonesia will strive to the best of its ability to become the overall champion.

Meanwhile, Head of Coach and Referee PB ESI Christian Suryadi said that both from CS: GO, PUBG Mobile and Mobile Legends numbers, Indonesia is known to have competent players who can be relied upon.

The 14th World Esports Championship which was held at the Merusaka Nusa Dua Bali hotel took place from 2 December and ended on 11 December 2022 by fighting over 6 game numbers, including: Tekken 7, Dota 2, Mobile Legend: Bang Bang, PUBG Mobile, eFootball 2022 , and CS:GO. At least 600 participants participated in the world championship this time, fighting for a large nominal prize.

All participants who are involved in this international scale esport competition are not only trying to win the title. They are also trying to fight over a total prize of up to 500 US Dollars or around Rp. 7.7 billion.

On a different occasion, Budi Gunawan once stated that Esports could help economic growth. In the next 1 year and 5 years, PB ESI will become an organization to be truly proud of, becoming the best sports organization compared to other sports. And most importantly, helping economic growth and creating jobs.

In addition, the General Chairperson of PB ESI, who is also the Head of BIN, posed a challenge for PB ESI management to be able to develop the esports ecosystem in Indonesia, especially in creating games that are internationally competitive, so that these domestic esports products can dominate the domestic market share. . Don’t be like you are currently being dominated by games from abroad.

Previously, PB ESI had also held a PB Esports Indonesia National Coordination Meeting which was held on March 4-6 2022. On this occasion, PB ESI also provided information on the big design of the work program, regulations, and absorbed recommendations. This activity also commemorates the 2nd anniversary of PB Esports Indonesia.

PB ESI’s desire to make esports an economic booster is of course not a figment of imagination. According to the World Economic Forum (WEF), esports has taken the gaming industry’s strong growth to the next level since the COVID-19 hit. In fact, the economy can continue to roll with one of the drivers being the gaming industry.

Other data states that 90% of the population in Southeast Asia are esports players. What’s more, most of the players come from Indonesia. This figure certainly proves that half of Indonesia’s population are game players.

Based on these statistics, of course Indonesia has enormous potential to be able to further develop economic growth through the gaming and esports industries.
Even though it is believed that the development of esports is something extraordinary, in fact there is still a negative stigma towards the world of esports. Of course, to reduce this stigma, support from many parties, both game developers, the media, the government and various stakeholders is needed.

It should be noted that playing games and the world of esports are two different things. If you only play games, you will definitely get a negative stigma, especially from your parents. But esports is not just playing games, esports has also become an industry where every hour spent by a pro player is invaluable, not only honing skills, but also analyzing mistakes, deficiencies and future strategies by involving various parties such as coaches and analysts.

Esports itself includes 3 basic elements to then enter into sports, namely elements of sportsmanship, elements of competition and elements of achievement.

Through the IESF World Esport Championship, it is hoped that Indonesia can show proud achievements, on the other hand, the development of esports also needs to be supported so that it can play a role in economic development.

)* The author is a contributor to Persada Institute

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