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Implementation of PON XX Accelerates Development and Infrastructure in Papua


By: Esti Kurniati

PON XX will be held in Papua and will have a positive impact because there is an acceleration of development and infrastructure, especially in the field of communication. Even after PON, people can enjoy the ease of communication and use it to trade online.

What comes to mind when you hear the word ‘Papua’? So far, the easternmost region in Indonesia is still synonymous with areas far from modernity. Even though currently Papua is very developed, even Jayapura is considered equivalent to big cities in the United States. The progress is not only in terms of physical development, but also infrastructure to support smooth communication there.

PON XX which was held in Papua was an important moment to further accelerate the progress of infrastructure there. To support this event, state-owned companies in the telecommunications sector support, so that communication via telephone and internet connectivity takes place smoothly during the PON event. So that the benefit is not only civil society, but also athletes, coaches, and committees.

To build infrastructure in the telecommunications sector, there is a guarantee of a stable, world-class internet network. A reherseal was also held on September 2, 2021, which was attended by the Daily Chair of PB-PON Yunus Wonda, General Secretary of PB-PON Drs. Elia Loupatty, MM, Director of Network and IT Solution Telkom Herlan Wijanarko, Director of Enterprise and Business Service Telkom Edi Witcara, and several other representatives.

The first time the tissue test (reherseal test) was actually carried out 3 months ago. There are internet network testing in Papua, especially in areas that become PON Clusters such as Jayapura City. In the reherseal test, a simulation is held when there is a disturbance and how to overcome it. So that later when the PON takes place, any problems that may arise in the field can be resolved quickly.

Infrastructure in the telecommunications sector is very important, because it will support the smooth running of PON XX, both inside and outside the arena. When the internet network is smooth, communication between the committee and athletes is also smooth, thus minimizing miscommunication. The event will go on without a hitch and the athletes will go through the race with a happy heart.

In addition, a strong internet network will support journalists who are covering. They can send news directly to the office via email quickly, without fear of signal stuttering. The media crew are happy because in a remote area like Papua, the internet network is very strong.

The strong internet network thanks to the construction of communication infrastructure also supports the committee when doing live streaming. All Indonesian citizens will watch the matches at PON XX because they are enthusiastic about listening to exciting competitions and increasing adrenaline. Live streaming will also be listened to by international netizens, and PON XX is indeed an event to promote Papua in the eyes of the world.

When there is a strong internet network, it will be very useful, not only during the XX PON but also after. Infrastructure in the field of communication is useful for students who are still studying online so they can study smoothly. His parents can also take advantage of the good network by trading in the online realm.

Improvements in communication infrastructure are very good for the progress of Papua because now is the digital era. It all happened thanks to PON XX so that this event is not just a sports competition, but an event to advance Papua to be even more modern.

PON XX brings many benefits to Papuans. In addition to being a free tourism promotion event, PON will accelerate development and infrastructure, especially in the field of communication. So that it will benefit the people on Earth of Cendrawasih.

)* The author is a contributor to the Press Circle and Cikini Students

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