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Improving the Welfare of the People of Temanggung, Rewarding the Commitment to Facilitating Farmer Training


TEMANGGUNG — Continuing to strive to improve the welfare of the people in Temanggung Regency, Ganjar Pranowo has a strong commitment to be able to provide training facilities to farmers.

There was an agenda to absorb the aspirations of the citizens carried out by the Presidential Candidate from the PDI Perjuangan, which was welcomed with great enthusiasm by the community.

Ganjar revealed that Muncar Village, Temanggung is a center for producing Robusta coffee with a distinctive taste, as well as various other commodities.

According to him, so far the Central Java Provincial Government has also provided support and made efforts to continue to develop coffee in the village.

Some of the support provided is providing training facilities for farmers, improving agricultural tools and machinery, providing training in processing agricultural products to marketing and selling products.

The Governor of Central Java also has aspirations to continue to encourage people’s coffee products so that they can become export commodities.

Therefore, according to him, training is needed and the farmers themselves must also be disciplined.

“It needs training, farmers on farm must understand very well, be really disciplined so that later they are processed off farm, this product is of high quality and must be maintained,” explained Ganjar.

“We are pushing the packaging so that the market potential reaches Europe is very high. Assistance, training and control then becomes important. Thank God all these products can be pure organic, the price must be very expensive, “he said.

Meanwhile, the Chairman of the Red and White Taruna (TMP), Aryo Seno Bagaskoro said that Ganjar was a presidential candidate who was able to continue all of President Jokowi’s performance.

In fact, not only continuing, but also being able to provide additional value or value in terms of speed.

“Yes (able to continue). Not only continuing, Pak Ganjar will also add value. What’s the value? Yes it’s speed,” he said.

The TMP chairman also considered that the figure of Ganjar was a complete package because of the same thoughts as President Jokowi, President Soekarno and President Megawati.

The leader, who is identical with white hair, is also considered capable of keeping up with the spirit of the times.

“This unit is being continued by Mr. Ganjar plus following the spirit of the times. What’s the spirit, fast, and I think that’s what Pak Ganjar has clearly offered so far,” he said.

Ganjar is also considered to have a close relationship with Gen Z, which is not an image.

“Proximity is not only manifactured, for example shown by postings which, for example, are just imaging, but with matters relating to the substance of the Gen Z issue,” he concluded.

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