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Jokowi-Gibran volunteers compactly support presidential candidate Ganjar Pranowo


By : Abdul Hakim )* 

Because they were able to continue all development programs up to the vision and mission of the previous government, the Jokowi-Gibran volunteers continued to close ranks and be solid and compact to fully provide their support for the 2024 presidential candidate, Ganjar Pranowo.

Political Communication Observer, Dr. Emrus Sihombing stated that there are several maps of volunteer groups when looking at how the recent phenomenon of support for Jokowi and Gibran Volunteers, that is, they can be divided into pragmatic volunteers, or they can also be ideological volunteers.

For information, pragmatic volunteers are a group of volunteers who seem to have a desire for political interests, so they can easily change. This is of course very different from ideological volunteer groups because they have clear lines to support their candidates and have a strong impact related to electability for the figures they support.

Moreover, it should not be too easy for volunteer groups to capitalize on names without the approval of the owner of the name regarding their political direction and support.

It is clear that with this pragmatic phenomenon of volunteer groups, they tend to fluctuate support from one candidate to another without having clear principles. In fact, they would be less precise if they were called ‘volunteers’, but more precisely if they were called ‘pragmatic politicians’ because they had certain political goals.

It’s not without reason that this mention would be more appropriate, because with the dynamic phenomenon of changes in support from one candidate who can suddenly change support to another candidate’s name, in fact it can be easily seen that the transfer of support that was carried out was of course related to political interests because indeed they have pragmatic political interests and are very different from ideological volunteer groups.

So that if a practical political desire is not achieved, then they will easily transfer their support to another candidate. Even though in a political movement, the most important thing to fight for is ideology and not support for one candidate’s name just because of interests.

In other words, it can also be seen that a number of volunteer groups provide support but pragmatically, they actually also have the hidden goal of being able to share in the ‘cake’ of power. This is clearly very different from volunteer groups who do have a strong ideology and do not pursue certain positions at all, because they are very happy if the figure they support can be in a certain position, then they are satisfied with their goals without whining about asking for a certain position.

In fact, there are far more ideological volunteers who have provided their support for the 2024 Presidential Candidate (Capres), Ganjar Pranowo. Then for a number of groups who claim to be volunteers for Jokowi and Gibran but support Prabowo, they should not need to claim themselves as volunteers and in fact do not continue to profiteer the names of the two figures, namely Jokowi and Gibran, unless the two figures officially declare to support Prabowo.

Meanwhile, so far, official statements and declarations from Joko Widodo and Gibran have absolutely nothing to support Prabowo Subianto’s name because it has been confirmed that Jokowi, with his status as a citizen and as a cadre of the Indonesian Democratic Party of Struggle (PDIP), is not his status as President of the Republic of Indonesia ( RI), will be more inclined to provide support to Ganjar Pranowo.

It also needs to be underlined that sociologically humans have various roles and statuses in society, so it cannot be directly said that the President is not a neutral figure because he provides support to one of the prospective candidates in the 2024 General Election (Election) democratic party. The reason is in providing this support, he used his role and status as an Indonesian citizen.

Jokowi’s support for Ganjar Pranowo is also clear because indeed from the start all the development programs that have been carried out by him, are more certain to be continued, cared for and developed by the figure of the Governor of Central Java, rather than by Prabowo.

It can also be said that there was actually an issue that Jokowi and Gibran Volunteers gave their support to Prabowo’s name, it was just rhetoric, because the Jokowi-Gibran Volunteers will actually support Ganjar Pranowo in the upcoming 2024 Presidential Election (Pilpres) because it is clear that the person who identical with white hair have the same line of struggle and are in the same house, namely PDI Perjuangan.

In other words, because it is based on this strong ideological foundation, there is absolutely no other reason that Jokowi and Gibran’s volunteers will continue to fully provide their support to Ganjar Pranowo who is indeed a strong figure capable of continuing various kinds of development visions, missions and programs. from the previous administration.

)* The author is a contributor to Nusantara Reading Room 

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