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Judged to keep up with the times, many youths become Ganjar Pranowo’s Campaigner


Ganjar Pranowo is a political figure who keeps abreast of the times, especially following today’s youth. Because of this, many millennials know his figure and even become campaigners (Jurkam) for him.

Keeping up with the times really needs to be done so that it doesn’t erode and continues to grow, this is what presidential candidate Ganjar Pranowo did who eventually became known to millennials or gen Z.

Regarding how a leader who is identical with white hair can be well known and liked by the young generation who will succeed the nation, the Secretary General (Sekjen) of the Indonesian Democratic Party of Struggle (PDI-P), Hasto Kristiyanto stated that there have been a number of names of young people who have officially entered the list of campaigners (jurkam) of the Governor of Central Java (Central Java) in the political contestation of the Presidential Election (Pilpres) in the upcoming 2024 presidential election.

Apart from not only because the figure of the 54-year-old leader is very close to and widely known and liked by young people, but it turns out that the support from millennials is also very much needed, especially to become part of the Success Team (Timses), namely by becoming a campaigner because it will be able to help understand what young people will need and can accept.

The PDI Perjuangan party itself is also very aware of how enormous the potential of youth voters is in holding the democratic party and political contestation in 2024. Therefore, the party led by Megawati Soekarnoputri has prepared young people who don’t even just rely on their youth, but do have a vision.

For information, several young people and millennials who have been assigned to become campaigners for Ganjar Pranowo include Muhammad Zinedine Alam Ganjar, Gibran Rakabuming Raka, Diah Pikatan Orrisa Putri Hapsari and Aryo Seno Bagaskoro.

Aryo himself said that his job as a Campaigner (Jurkam) was indeed a responsibility and also a great honor for him. Furthermore, according to him, the assignment as spokesperson is capable of being an example so that other young people can be involved in development in the country.

With the assignment of young people to become campaigners from Ganjar Pranowo as well, it is clear evidence that indeed the PDI Perjuangan and the Presidential Candidates have provided a very wide space for millennials to be able to participate and be actively involved in the formulation of ideas to develop Indonesia in the future.

It cannot be denied that young people themselves have a high intensity for technology. In particular, for the nation’s next generation of youth, the use of social media (social media) to carry out their own communication is a very important component in carrying out campaign activities.

In addition, for today’s youth, they tend to prefer a leader who is able to communicate and engage in participatory dialogue. So with campaigners from among the youths, on the one hand they are able to convey various kinds of ideas and programs from Ganjar Pranowo, but on the other hand they are also able to convey the thoughts and wishes of other young people to the nation’s future leaders.

The presidential candidate from the party with the logo of a bull with a white muzzle also continues to encourage all young people to adapt quickly to keep up with world developments, especially how fast developments are in today’s digital world.

According to the leader, the development of the digital world, especially for Gen Z and millennials, must be accompanied by knowledge and skills so that they are all able to keep up with the experience they have gained.

Actually, today’s young people are all equipped with qualified digital technology such as the use of gadgets, which can be an asset to maximize their talents and interests. Because, with all of these things, young people can get a lot of information as their provision so that they can be much more adaptable to changing times.

As a leader who has a lot of experience and competence, Ganjar Pranowo himself has even made a lot of programs and policies which involve and continue to encourage the role of youth. Some of these policies are creating a creative space called Hetero Space which is equipped with various facilities such as communal areas, meeting rooms, event spaces, and private offices that can be used by individuals, communities, and start-up companies to collaborate and be creative.

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