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KST Attacks State Instruments, Observer: Enforcement Must Be More Serious


Jakarta – Criminal law expert, Suparji Ahmad supports decisive action against the Papuan terrorist separatist group (KST). This was done considering that this group had attacked law enforcement officers.

“This is a very serious fight against the state apparatus. Our handling should also be more serious,” said Suparji in the Trijaya Hot Topic Evening program with the theme “Supporting Law Enforcement Against Papua KST”, Friday (22/4/2022).

According to Suparji, so far the pattern of dealing with KST has not been as usual for terrorism. If the handling is appropriate, then the KST atrocities that violate human rights will not be repeated.

“For example, when it is identified that there is a plan to carry out an attack, then action can be taken, just like taking action against other terrorists,” said Suparji.

In addition, if later it is suspected that someone is mobilizing, condoning, or planning, then in the context of terrorism, action can be taken. Thus, a fairly basic problem is that after being designated a terrorism group, until now there has not been a single concrete step on how to take action against it.

Suparji added that there must be a comprehensive policy in the Papua issue where there is an agreement between the government and the DPR on the steps in Papua.

“For example, at that time it was a special economy. Effective or not. Secondly, in the context of working on the law, it must be carried out comprehensively and there is a real action, which is clear if later it is placed as a terrorism,” he said.

He emphasized that the application of the Terrorism Law must also be emphasized whether in the context of prevention or prosecution. On the other hand, if it is placed as an act of separatism, it can be applied, for example, Article 108 of the Criminal Code.

“So in the future, in my opinion, approaches other than the law will be able to completely solve the problem,” he said.

According to Suparji, the Papua issue has dragged on for a long time with the main key being the Unitary State of the Republic of Indonesia. He asked the Papua issue not to injure the Unitary State of the Republic of Indonesia, but on the other hand, to respect human rights, security and legal approaches.

“If you can take persuasive steps to resolve it so that in the end it will return to a solution that does not cause injury, does not cause grudges and rain can move together in the lap of the Republic of Indonesia,” concluded Suparji.

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