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KST Papua’s Brutal Actions Must Be Stopped


Papua – KST (Terrorist Separatist Group) Papua has taken action again by attacking civilians in Yahukimo. They also opened fire on the Trigana Air plane, having previously set fire to the Susi Air plane. KST’s brutal actions can no longer be tolerated, so it needs to be stopped as soon as possible.

When Papua (formerly known as Irian Jaya) joined the Republic of Indonesia in 1969, there were a few people who disagreed. They did not believe in the results of the Pepepra (determination of the people’s opinion) even though it was clear that the majority of the people wanted to become Indonesian citizens rather than become a Dutch colony. The elements eventually formed OPM (Free Papua Organization) which has KST as its accomplices.

Since the New Order era until now, KST has promoted defection to all Papuan people. Strangely, when they wanted to persuade the residents, they actually hurt the people in Cendrawasih Earth. As on March 8, 2023 in Dekai, Yahukimo. Two youths were shot by a KST member named Yotam B, who was an employee of Egianus Kogoya.

After the shooting, Dekai’s situation became tense because people were a bit afraid to go outside their homes. But they don’t need to worry because the security forces have been deployed there, to protect residents and prevent further KST attacks.

Papua Police Chief Inspector General Pol Mathius D Fakhiri said a Brimob company was assisted to strengthen security in Dekai, the capital of Yahukimo Regency. The addition of troops was made to overcome the action of the KKB.

The Regional Police Chief said that KST had frequently carried out actions throughout March 2023 which resulted in fatalities. Before shooting a commercial plane, the KKB had sadistically killed two residents, including one Indonesian Army soldier.

In a sense, the addition of Brimob troops is an effort to secure the people in Dekai, Yahukimo and their surroundings. The reason is because there could be another attack from KST, if you look at their attack pattern. Papuans, especially Dekai, must be protected so they can return to their activities without fear of KST attacks.

In addition, the deployment of Brimob troops was carried out to look for KST members who might still be hanging around Dekai. The pursuit continues, if possible until they get their headquarters. KST must be eradicated so as not to endanger the people and tarnish the name of Papua.

The public reviled and cursed the KST because they opened fire on civilians, who clearly did not have firearms to protect themselves. After all, this isn’t the first time this has happened. Previously, KST had killed Papuans who worked as teachers, students, and motorcycle taxi drivers. The reason was that they were suspected of being spies for the authorities, even though they were just ordinary civilians.

Meanwhile, West Papua Regional Police Chief Inspector General Pol Daniel TM Silitonga ordered the arrest of KST who is still spreading terror against civilians in Papua, both dead and alive. The apparatus will increase the alert status in areas that are detected by the KST hoax. Polri personnel in the ranks are required not to be careless in facing the KKB terror against civilians.

The KST attack has violated the limits of humanity because it kills innocent people. Therefore they must be given firm, measured action so they don’t repeat their actions. This action is permissible because it is to prevent further crimes.

In addition to pursuing them, the Brimob Team and the Cartenz Damai Task Force carried out sweeps to remote areas and the interior of Papua. The reason is because the KST headquarters was deliberately built in a hidden place so that the authorities would not find out. The public is also urged to report when they know where the KST headquarters are located to make the pursuit easier.

When KST was arrested, the people were happy and no one defended them. The reason is because the residents themselves do not like the existence of the terrorist separatist group. So far, they have always made trouble and caused material harm, because they often commit robberies. If this rebel group is caught, the situation on Cendrawasih Earth will always be safe.

When KST members were arrested by the authorities, they were taken to court and taken to court. The goal is of course to be held accountable for his actions. They can be subject to Emergency Law Article 2 Paragraph 1 Number 12 of 1951 and the threat of a sentence of 10 years in prison. They can also be sentenced to life imprisonment, even the death penalty, for committing premeditated murder.

Firmness with the threat of the heaviest punishment must be carried out so that KST members give up and do not repeat their actions, and do not harm civil society. If any of its members are jailed, other KST personnel will be scared because they don’t want to be jailed for life as well. Hopefully they will surrender soon.

KST’s brutal actions escalated because they carried out attacks, shooting planes, and killing civilians. The atrocities of this separatist group can no longer be tolerated. The addition of troops was carried out to secure the people and prevent further attacks, as well as to increase the strength of the Cartenz Peace Task Force Team in pursuing KST in Yahukimo and its surroundings so that peace in Papua can continue to be realized.

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