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Latest 2024 Presidential Candidate Survey Results Released, Ganjar Pranowo’s electability continues to be at the top


Jakarta — Various survey results regarding the figure of the latest 2024 presidential candidate have been officially released. The results show that the name Ganjar Pranowo is indeed still at the top outperforming other names.

The survey institute Algorithm Research and Consulting has officially released the results of a survey they conducted on the three names of the upcoming 2024 Bacapres, namely Ganjar Pranowo, Prabowo Subianto and Anies Baswedan.

It is known that the survey was conducted through face-to-face interviews using a questionnaire to as many as 2,009 respondents throughout Indonesia.

Then, all the respondents have also been divided proportionally based on voter data in as many as 34 provinces in the country.

The margin of error for the survey is around 2.1 percent with a confidence level of up to 95 percent. Then, the data collection was carried out from 29 May to 10 June 2023.

Regarding the results of his own survey, Executive Director of Algorithm, Aditya Perdana explained that the name Ganjar Pranowo is still in the top position, namely up to 29.3 percent electability.

Followed by Prabowo Subianto with 24.6 percent and Anies Baswedan in third place who only pocketed 16.9 percent of the vote.

He explained that when compared to the results of the survey in December 2022, there was a rotation, that is, it turned out that Prabowo’s vote had outperformed Anies to take second place.

As for the position of Ganjar Pranowo himself, he has always been in the top position.

“When compared to the Algorithm survey conducted six months ago, namely December 2022, there was a rotating choice of presidential candidates, at that time Ganjar’s figure was at 25.1%, Anies 18.7% and Prabowo 16.6%,” explained Aditya.

Then, if a single simulation is carried out that only includes the three names of the 2024 presidential candidates, then the order is still the same, namely Ganjar being the highest, followed by Prabowo and then Anies.

The PDI Perjuangan presidential candidate’s chance of victory even reaches up to 34 percent.

“So if a single simulation of three candidate names then who will have a chance to win, then Ganjar has a 34% chance of winning, followed by Pak Prabowo 30.8% and Pak Anies 22.1%,” he said.

Meanwhile, in another survey conducted by Populi, it was also found that the name of the Governor of Central Java continued to be in the top position.

No half-hearted, even the electoral figure owned by Ganjar Pranowo reached 35.8 percent.

Populi researcher Hartanto Rosojati explained that this figure was able to outperform Prabowo’s electability at 33.4 percent. Meanwhile, Anies only had 23.2 percent of the vote.

“In the simulation of three presidential candidate figures, from Ganjar, Prabowo, Anies, the highest is Ganjar with 35.8%; Prabowo 33.4%; and Anies 23.2%” he explained.

It can also be seen from the results of the survey that sympathizers from the PDI Perjuangan were 77.6 percent and from the PKB were 42.4 percent, all of whom were still very solid in supporting Ganjar.

In another scheme, namely top of mind or even open questions, the name of the leader who is identical with white hair is still the highest with an electoral figure of 21.9 percent.

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