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Many Other Political Parties Have the Potential to Support Ganjar Pranowo in the 2024 Election


Jakarta — There is a potential that in time there will be many political parties participating in giving their full support to the Presidential Candidate from PDIP, Ganjar Pranowo in the 2024 Election.

With Perindo’s decision to cooperate with the PDI Perjuangan and get him to support the presidential candidate Ganjar Pranowo, of course this leader candidate in the 2024 election has the advantage of being able to attract lots of votes.

The Director of the Indonesian Political House, Fernando Emas said that the powers possessed by the Governor of Central Java were increasingly increasing in the face of the upcoming 2024 Presidential Election.

“The Perindo Party’s entry into one of Ganjar Pranowo’s supporters will further add strength to face the 2024 Presidential Election,” he said.

Furthermore, the observer revealed that the figure of the Ketum Perindo, namely Hary Tanoesoedibjo (HT) also has close ties with many other political parties.

The reason is, HT is considered to have flexibility in establishing communication with many figures, so it is predicted that the potential for other political parties to join in supporting Ganjar Pranowo will also be large.

It is not half-hearted, even though non-parliamentary parties are also predicted to come together to support the Presidential candidate from the PDI Perjuangan cadre.

“His flexibility in establishing communication with political figures will very likely influence other parties to support Ganjar Pranowo. Especially non-parliamentary parties such as Garuda, PKP, and PBB,” added Fernando.

Apart from that, Perindo itself is also known as a party that has a certain closeness with MSME actors because of the many assistance programs they have carried out for the community.

Also included, the party led by big businessmen is filled by many regional figures, religious leaders to public figures.

So with all the advantages possessed by Perindo and now they support Ganjar, of course the white-haired leader will also have a greater chance of winning the 2024 Presidential Election.

“That will really help in the interest of increasing Ganjar Pranowo’s chances of winning the presidential election,” said Fernando.

Previously, it was known that PDIP itself was increasingly solid by strengthening the solidity of their cadres to continue to carry and win Ganjar Pranowo.

According to a political observer, Fadhli Harahab, the III National Working Meeting which was recently held by the party bearing the bull logo with a white muzzle, became an arena for consolidating their cadres in determining many strategic steps.

Not only that, but the existence of the Rakernas has also become an arena for the PDI Perjuangan to heat up their political machine.

“This can also be an arena for heating up the PDIP political machine. That way, the cadres will be more solid, focused, ready to carry out the party’s instructions,” said Fadhli.

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