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Megawati Soekarnoputri Officially Announces Ganjar Pranowo as PDIP Presidential Candidate


Bogor – Chairperson Megawati Soekarnoputri has officially announced Ganjar Pranowo as the presidential candidate from the PDIP in the 2024 election.

“Today, 21 April 2023, coinciding with Kartini’s Day, at 13.45 WIB, at the Batu Tulis Palace, Bogor, I appointed Ganjar Pranowo, who is currently the governor of Central Java, to be upgraded to become a PDIP presidential candidate in the 2024 elections,” said Megawati Soekarnoputri.

According to Megawati, the appointment of Ganjar Pranowo had been through dialogue with a number of figures including President Joko Widodo.

I gave a mandate to the Chairperson of the PDIP DPP in the Creative Economy sector, Prananda Prabowo, as the head of the situation room to monitor national political dynamics and win the 2024 Election.

In addition, Megawati also gave the assignment mandate to the Head of the DPP for Politics Puan Maharani who is also the Chair of the DPR RI to form the winning team for the PDIP Presidential and Legislative Candidates.

Meanwhile, on the same occasion, President Jokowi said that the presidential and vice-presidential election process was getting closer, so it was time for the people to know about it.

“I really appreciate the decision of the PDIP Ketum Megawati who has just announced the PDIP presidential candidate Ganjar Pranowo,” said President Jokowi.

Furthermore, according to President Jokowi, Ganjar is a leader who is close to the people, down to the bottom and very ideological.

“The change in leadership must not divert the sustainability of the nation’s program, the state ideology Pancasila, and unity must be the foundation,” said the President.

According to him, Indonesia-centric must also be the foundation and the spirit of the 2024 Presidential Election is the spirit of program contestation.

“I believe the Indonesian people are getting more mature. Hopefully the 2024 Presidential Election will be smooth, peaceful and safe. The new leader must bring Indonesia forward, just and prosperous,” President Jokowi concluded.

Responding to his appointment as the PDIP presidential candidate, Ganjar Pranowo said that this was the decision of Ketum Megawati Soekarnoputri which had gone through a very long process, and it was an honor for me.

Ganjar Pranowo asked all party components to provide support and criticism, “One For All, All For One”.

“I am entrusted by Madam Ketum, I will try my best. I was trained in this party and always carried out all my duties like Bung Karno as a political thinker that reached the bottom,” said Ganjar.

“I thank President Jokowi because I am an extension of his hand in the region, and he has the courage to push Indonesia forward, politically sovereign and economically independent,” he concluded.

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