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Mothers in Padang, West Sumatra, Fully Support Pray for Ganjar to Become President in 2024


Ganjar Pranowo is supported by many parties, including mothers in Padang, West Sumatra (West Sumatra). They prayed for Ganjar to be elected as the next president. Mothers support Ganjar because they are considered very worthy to lead Indonesia and care for the common people.

Ganjar Pranowo is a suitable presidential candidate to lead this country, because he is determined to eradicate poverty, not only in Central Java but also in Indonesia. No wonder he has many supporters, including mothers who live in Padang, West Sumatra.

Mothers in West Sumatra created a support group called Mak Ganjar in West Sumatra. Nour, coordinator of Mak Ganjar West Sumatra, stated that Mak Ganjar volunteers have different religious backgrounds but are united in praying for the progress and prosperity of Indonesia, and to be guided by God Almighty in choosing the right leader. Five religious leaders were brought in to take turns offering prayers.

The mothers considered that Ganjar Pranowo was the right leader because he was considered nationalist, populist and consistent in his performance. According to Ganjar, they always appear honest as they are, are very friendly towards the little people, and are very open to people from various circles, including mothers.

Nour added, he personally really liked Pak Ganjar’s programs when he led Central Java. One of them is the Lapak Ganjar program. For information, Ganjar Stalls is an online promotional event specifically for MSME products. Ganjar advertises products that have registered for the Ganjar Stalls program, through his personal social media account. He promotes the product for free.

In other words, mothers in West Sumatra declared their support for Ganjar Pranowo because they believed that he could make Indonesia more advanced. Ganjar is a people’s figure and understands the needs of society.

Ganjar has a Lapak Ganjar program which is useful for promoting MSME products thereby helping small and medium class entrepreneurs. Moreover, Lapak Ganjar participants not only come from Central Java, but also all over Indonesia. This proves that he wants to help more people.

Then, Ganjar had a slogan, namely ‘My Lord is the People, Position is Just a Mandate’. It is clear that this slogan can be a benchmark that the figure is a leader who has very high morality.

Ganjar’s very populist attitude can be seen when he often ‘blusukan’ or visits people in his village. Ganjar casually chatted with the villagers and asked what their complaints were. Ganjar even took the time to joke with the children. Therefore, mothers in West Sumatra are increasingly confident in praying for Ganjar Pranowo to become the next President of Indonesia.

Meanwhile, West Sumatra Mak Ganjar volunteers held an event aimed at educating the local community. Mak Ganjar volunteers strive to continue to provide benefits in each of their activities, especially for mothers.

This time, Ganjar Pranowo’s sympathizers invited mothers on Jalan Sapek Raya Kampung Jambak, Batipuh Panjang Village, Koto Tangah District, Padang to work through knitting training. Regional Coordinator (Korwil) Mak Ganjar West Sumatra Ulfa Yulida said this training was a form of her party’s commitment to encouraging the empowerment of women’s roles in the economic sector.

Ulfa continued, there are many other benefits that can be obtained when spending free time with knitting activities. Among them relieve stress, train muscles, develop brain cognitive, and can increase self-confidence. By knitting, you can look for inspiration, then you can make the knitted results for yourself, or can also become a home industry product to improve MSMEs and empower women.

Ulfa hopes that later the mothers in the area will be able to be creative in such a way as to increase the production of their works in the form of knitted bags, key chains, tissue holders and so on. Later, this work will be bought and sold in souvenir shops so that its market share will expand. Apart from that, good knitting results will also influence people’s interest in knitted products. Mak Ganjar volunteers held knitting training with mothers in Padang City, West Sumatra.

In a sense, not only is Ganjar pro to MSME entrepreneurs. But also the volunteers. Mak Ganjar unite to empower women to be economically strong. By having skills, they can knit and sell the results, so they can help to buy kitchen needs. In this way, the family economy will remain safe because they earn more.

Mothers in West Sumatra declared their support for Ganjar Pranowo and they always pray that he will be elected president in the next election. Ganjar is supported because it is close to the people, simple, and able to overcome various problems in Indonesia. Mak Ganjar volunteers also hold women’s empowerment events to be stronger economically and move forward together.

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