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National Capital Development Involves Indigenous People


By: Abdul Halim)*

The construction of the state capital in East Kalimantan will involve indigenous peoples. This involvement is a form of government accommodation to local communities so that development can run as desired.

The nation’s capital city will be moved from DKI Jakarta to North Penajam Paser. The transfer process certainly can’t be done in just a week. Currently, it is still in the process of being prepared, especially for Penajam which will continue to be built so that it will become a slick and ultra-modern capital city.

In IKN development, indigenous peoples in Borneo are also involved. After all they are the hosts. Prior to the development phase, there must have been coordination and the indigenous peoples certainly gave their blessing. They are even proud because Kalimantan is the capital city of Indonesia, so that the people will be more advanced.

President Jokowi guarantees that indigenous peoples will continue to be involved in the development of the nation’s capital city. This is also in accordance with the request of the Kingdom of Kutai Kartanegara Ing Martapura. Indigenous peoples will still be involved because of their position as hosts and must be respected. However, as natives of Borneo, their rights are still granted.

Meanwhile, the Dayak Kenyah Customary Head, Medan Tedung, also requested that indigenous peoples be accommodated in the IKN development phase. If there is physical development, then indigenous peoples should be involved. In a sense, they can also become workers and build various buildings needed for the welfare of the IKN community.

Involvement of indigenous peoples is a natural thing because they are the original inhabitants of Borneo. If indigenous peoples become workers, they are guaranteed to enjoy them and work with their hearts. The reason is because they are happy, Borneo will turn into an ultra modern and more advanced area.

If indigenous peoples are involved, it is guaranteed that there will be no conflict when IKN is in development. The reason is that project workers not only ask for permission when they come to East Kalimantan, but also embrace and invite indigenous peoples to work. Even if there are those who work as foremen and architects, they can also be involved so that the construction project is completed quickly.

Don’t let the IKN be established that indigenous people as natives of Borneo feel excluded, because it will trigger social conflict. This is also not liked by the government. Migrants and natives must blend in and this starts from the very beginning of the construction of buildings and other infrastructure in the North Penajam Paser area.

Some IKN areas do use customary land, and some do not because they are state-owned areas. However, even though using customary land, they still use the correct procedure, there is no coercion. Every Indonesian citizen will have their rights guaranteed, including the indigenous peoples in East Kalimantan.

In fact, the indigenous people of Borneo gave their customary land voluntarily to the government, so that it could be used as an IKN area. They are aware that the capital city needs a large and representative area, because it becomes the face of Indonesia in the eyes of the world. Giving part of the customary land is a form of love and support from the indigenous people of Borneo.

IKN is still in the development phase and will take several years. For the smooth development, part of the territory uses customary land. Indigenous people support it and give customary lands voluntarily. They are also involved in IKN development, not just being spectators. They are also honored that the capital city has been moved to East Kalimantan.

)* The author is a contributor to Pertiwi Institute

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