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Officially Promoted as a Presidential Candidate, Acting Chairman of the PPP: He is an Outstanding, Populist and Ideological Leader


Yogyakarta — The United Development Party or PPP has officially declared Ganjar Pranowo as the 2024 presidential candidate. The decision was made during the V PPP National Leadership Meeting (Rapimnas) in Yogyakarta, Wednesday (26/4).

Acting Ketum PPP, Muhammad Mardiono, revealed that so far the figure of the Governor of Central Java has had many good achievements.

“Ganjar Pranowo, who is currently the Governor of Central Java, was chosen as a Presidential Candidate from PPP because he has a good background and has achievements,” said Mardiono.

In fact, the promotion of the name Ganjar Pranowo now has official and legal status from PPP because previously it was in accordance with the decision of Rapimnas V.

Furthermore, Mardiono has several assessments of how the leadership figure of the Governor of Central Java is.

He revealed that Ganjar was a very populist leader.

“Ganjar Pranowo is no longer a stranger because a populist leader often goes down to meet the people directly,” said Muhamad Mardiono.

So far, under the leadership of Ganjar Pranowo, it has been proven that there have been many positive changes that have occurred in Central Java Province.

“Under the leadership of Ganjar Pranowo, Central Java has become a rapidly developing and innovative region,” concluded the Plt Ketum PPP.

Not only that, but he also stated that Ganjar himself was a leader who was also religious and was very close to Islamic boarding school figures.

“On the other hand, Ganjar Pranowo is a leader who is close to pesantren and religious circles,” said Muhamad Mardiono.

Another point that influenced PPP’s consideration in finally carrying the name Ganjar Pranowo as the 2024 presidential candidate was because he was the most appropriate figure to continue President Jokowi’s program.

“Furthermore, PPP assesses Ganjar as the right leader who can continue the sustainability of the nation’s program, which was initiated by President Joko Widodo,” explained Muhamad Mardiono.

Moreover, the Plt Ketum PPP considered that Ganjar had a very strong Pancasila within him.

“I believe that with the spirit of Pancasila, Ganjar Pranowo, it can become a unifier for the diverse Indonesian nation,” he added.

With all these considerations, PPP has consistently overseen Ganjar Pranowo’s victory in the 2024 Presidential Election battle.

“Therefore, PPP will consistently oversee Ganjar Pranowo’s victory in the 2024 Presidential Election,” said Muhamad Mardiono.

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