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Opportunities are Still Open, CS:GO Men’s Indonesian National Team Continues to be Optimistic and Focuses on Lower Bracket Matches


The Coach of the Indonesian Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS: GO) Men’s National Team (Timnas), Andrew Joseph stated that his party continues to focus on the next match.

As is known, the next opponent from the Indonesian National Team will be in the IESF Bali 14Th World Esports Championships 2022 for a CS: GO Men match between the Vietnam or Mongolia teams.

Regarding all these possibilities, Andrew then emphasized that whoever their next opponent is, optimism to win must be maintained.

He also did not forget to ask for prayers and support from all Indonesian people for the Indonesian National Team CS: GO Men match.

“The opponent in the next match will be between Vietnam or Mongolia. Whoever the next opponent is, we are still optimistic to win. Please pray and support the CS:GO Indonesia team,” said Andrew.

For information, the opportunity for the Indonesian national team itself is still wide open in the match in the next Lower Bracket round.

Indeed, the struggle of the Indonesian National Team in the CS: GO game at the IESF Bali 14th WEC 2022 has not ended at all.

With all the results that have occurred, the Indonesian National Team admits that they do not feel hopeless at all.

In fact, they will continue to increase their focus to be able to achieve the best results in the matches in the Lower Bracket round in order to secure their position and advance to the next round.

Of course, the optimism of the CS:GO Men Indonesian National Team cannot be separated from the coaching role provided by the Indonesian Esports Executive Board (PBESI).

How could it not be, because the Deputy Chairperson of the PBESI Athlete & Achievement Division, Yohannes P. Siagian emphasized that his party continues to strive to create a good mentality for all Indonesian esports athletes.

Therefore, a lot of guidance has been carried out not only on technical aspects, but also on non-technical aspects.

“We also continue to foster and have prepared our athletes regarding non-technical aspects such as time management, diet, communication patterns, and especially building a strong mentality,” said Yohannes.

Having this strong mentality will also be very helpful in achieving the target for the Indonesian National Team in the IESF Bali 14th WEC 2022, namely to become the overall champion.

“In accordance with the directions of PB ESI Chairman, Mr. Budi Gunawan, and PB ESI Daily Chair, Mr. Bambang Sunarwibowo, Indonesia must be successful as an organizer and successful in achievements. With this enthusiasm and commitment, Indonesia will strive with the best of its ability to become the overall champion,” said Yohannes.

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