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Optimal Alleviate Extreme Poverty and Stunting, Electability Pays the Highest


Central Java – Presidential candidate Ganjar Pranowo is optimizing to eradicate extreme poverty and stunting in Central Java so that he has the highest electability.

Ganjar Pranowo eradicated extreme poverty and stunting, through the inauguration of the Indonesian Village Device Association (PPDI) Board which was held in Rembang Regency, Central Java.

When opening his remarks, the 2024 presidential candidate (Bacapres) alluded to the high poverty and stunting rates because this is homework for village heads.

Before his term ends on September 5, Ganjar promised to reduce poverty and stunting rates in Central Java, even if not 0%.

In order to solve this problem, Ganjar Pranowo as Governor of Central Java asked village heads and officials to optimize Village Funds.

Funds of 1.7 trillion rupiah were disbursed to villages to overcome extreme poverty and stunting so that they would not be corrupted. In fact, Ganjar asked for the report to be fast.

“IDR 1.7 trillion has been disbursed to the village, manage it well for the people, don’t be corrupted, don’t have extortion, the report must be fast,” said Ganjar.

Not only Ganjar, the event was also attended by the Rembang Forkompimda, all sub-district heads and village heads, to their officials.

Of the many programs created by the white-haired leader, apparently it resulted in his high electability compared to other presidential candidates.

Through the latest survey by LSI Denny JA using social media TikTok, Ganjar Pranowo’s electability reading is the highest.

“For the public who use TikTok, the highest choice of candidate for president is Ganjar. Ganjar was selected by 35.4 percent, Prabowo was selected by 31.6 percent. Anies was chosen by 25.4 percent,” read the statement from the LSI Denny JA survey results.

Apart from TikTok, on social media Instagram and Whatsapp, Ganjar is also ahead of Prabowo and Anies Baswedan.

In the Instagram segment, the figure obtained by the Governor of Central Java was 38.3 percent, while Prabowo received 32.2 percent, and Anies Baswedan only 23 percent.

Meanwhile, on Whatsapp, the presidential candidate with the highest election was also won by Ganjar Pranowo, who was 37.5 percent superior to the other two presidential candidates.

Based on this, it can be concluded that Ganjar’s electability is highest on 3 social media platforms.

As additional information, this survey sets a margin of error of 2.9 percent and enriches the analysis with qualitative methods, such as media analysis, in-depth interviews, expert judgment, and focus group discussions.

Respondents who joined the LSI Denny JA survey were 1,200 respondents throughout Indonesia with face-to-face interviews.

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