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Papuan Young Generation Appreciates the Government’s Welfare Approach


By: Abner Wanggai)*

The government is trying to use a welfare approach in order to resolve the ongoing conflict in Papua. This paradigm shift has received appreciation from many parties, including the younger generation of Papua.

Good news for the Orang Asli Papua (OAP), where a change in perspective or pattern of approach to the security situation in the Papua region by the National Police is considered to bring good news for Indonesia.

It should be noted that the National Police will make (OAP) the main target of guidance to be carried out in the Cartenz peace operation 2022. The name of the Cartenz Damai operation itself is a change from the Nemangkawi task force (satgas) which is filled by a joint TNI-Polri team.

The change in approach initiated by the National Police received a good response from the Secretary General of the Millennial Partners of the Police (MMP), Doni. According to Doni, the approach initiated by the National Police, especially in dealing with the security situation in Papua, is very humanistic.

Doni emphasized that the change in approach that tends to be humanist is what the community has been waiting for. We are quite tired of seeing, hearing and reading bad news related to security issues in Papua. Through this change of approach, we should be optimistic that tensions that often take their toll can be resolved in Papua soon.

He also considered that the decision to change the pattern of approach in Papua cannot be separated from the good influence brought by General Listyo Sigit as the National Police Chief. Doni considered that currently the Police had transformed into a very humanist institution. He hopes that the persuasive and preemptive spirit embedded in the Cartenz Damai operation can have a positive impact on the Papuan people.

It is known that the Cartenz Peace Operation will be implemented by the National Police on January 25, 2022. The operation is focused on strengthening the synergy between the Police and the community to carry out activities that can improve the welfare of the community. The positive activity is called ‘Binmas Noken’ or an approach to the community.

Previously, based on information from Karo Penmas, Police Public Relations Division, Brigadier General Ahmad Ramadhan, the Cartenz 2022 Peace Operation will prioritize three functions. Namely the intelligence function, community development function and public relations function.

Other functions that will be involved in the Cartenz Peace Operation are preventive functions, Samaptha Bhayangkara (Sabhara) and law enforcement (Gakkum).

In the past year, the police recorded 44 people died as a result of gunfights that occurred in Papua. Of these 15 victims were members of the TNI-Polri. Inspector General Mathius Fakhiri as the Papua Police Chief said that the number of shooting cases had increased when compared to 49 cases in 2020. In 2021 there were 92 shooting cases in Papua.

In dealing with the KKB, the TNI also plans to adopt a new approach pattern by prioritizing humanist prevention efforts. The TNI Commander General Andika Perkasa said that his party would use a welfare approach more.

This effort has apparently been launched by Andika since he nominated himself as TNI Commander. He mentioned the policy when he took part in the fit and proper test at the Indonesian House of Representatives last year. Andika’s attitude apparently got the attention of Commission I Member of the DPR, Hasby Anshori, who said that Andika had a chivalrous attitude.

A similar opinion was also conveyed by Commission I member Bobby Adhityo Rizaldi. According to Bobby, Andika plans to use a “heart and mind” approach in dealing with problems in Papua.

We cannot close our eyes that the welfare approach echoed by the government will have an impact on the prosperity of the Papuan people. So that there are no more indigenous Papuans who feel neglected by the government.

The welfare approach is considered important for Papua, especially because Papua’s geographical conditions are different from other islands. The geographical area of ​​Papua which is still forested and hilly is a challenge for the Papuan people to be able to access their daily needs. If the goods are delivered by plane, the price of these goods will certainly increase drastically.

The massive development of road access by the government will of course have an impact on the prosperity of Papua in the future, the availability of land transportation access is expected to reduce the price of basic commodities in Papua.

In addition to taking a welfare approach, the government also needs to take the time to listen to the expectations of the Papuan people in the future. We all know that Papua is a rich land, but don’t let this wealth become a boomerang for peace efforts in Papua.

)* The author is a contributor to the Press Circle and Cikini Students

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