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PB ESI Advances the Indonesian Esports Ecosystem Through Democratic Regulation


By:  Shenna Aprilya Zahra )*

It is undeniable that the big role of the Indonesian Esports Board (PB ESI) is very real, especially to be able to continue to advance the Indonesian Esports ecosystem through all kinds of regulations that have been made in accordance with the principles of democracy and have also been prepared with comprehensive and mature discussions by various stakeholders.

So far, the Indonesian Esports Executive Board PB ESI under Budi Gunawan’s leadership has indeed been very determined and has a very strong commitment to be able to continue to push for ways so that the Indonesian Esports ecosystem can truly develop and even be able to lead Asia to become a world barometer.

For this reason, PB ESI has made many efforts to develop the country’s esports ecosystem. One of the efforts is to uphold the enforcement of regulations because regulations are considered to be very effective in protecting all the rights and obligations of all areas in the world of Esports, so they cannot be taken lightly and are very important.

Regarding this matter, the Head of Law and Legality of PB ESI, Yudistira Adipratama explained that of course clear regulations are what PB ESI really needs. Not without reason, with all clear regulations, there will also be clarity on various aspects of Esports.

That way, as the main organization of Esports in Indonesia, PB ESI continues to uphold the enforcement of regulations very highly. Thus, it is the same that PB ESI continues to prioritize the rights and obligations that will be imposed on all esports athletes, including regarding employment contracts, leagues to tournaments, then there are also matters regarding player membership, refereeing provisions, sponsorship, anti-doping and etc.

Furthermore, Yudistira added that so far the development of the world of Esports in the world has been very rapid. In fact, this industry is very capable of increasingly bringing in commercial income. Not only that, but with its progress, Esports itself can now be said to have transformed not only into a sport, but has also begun to penetrate the entertainment business.

Therefore, the Head of Law and Legality of PB ESI re-emphasized the point regarding the functioning of regulations which cannot be underestimated at all. Regulations have a very essential function, more specifically, PB ESI itself has formulated them in such a way that they are able to accommodate issues in the field of esports and also help athletes to deal with a number of problems they may be experiencing.

Meanwhile, Esports Lawyer from K-Case Lawfirm, Rafi Andiansyah also explained that in fact the existence of regulations related to the esports ecosystem is actually not a new thing, but in fact it is an effort to develop from previously existing regulations.

He also added that all kinds of regulations that had been made by PB ESI during the management era of Budi Gunawan had involved a lot of related stakeholders and had also gone through very thorough and comprehensive studies beforehand. Some of the parties involved include the Indonesian National Sports Committee (KONI), Esports clubs and also the esports community, to many other parties in the field of Esports.

Even though the PBESI itself has upheld the enforcement of regulations in such a way, it turns out that so far there is still a problem, namely that the community itself seems to tend to think that the existence of regulations will make it difficult to solve problems that they might face.

Fortunately, the hard work of PB ESI is slowly starting to bear fruit, when the people who previously thought that regulations were actually hindering them, but gradually this opinion began to change because PB ESI continues to provide a lot of outreach and education so that people’s awareness of the importance of regulation.

Rafi Andiansyah then said that it really needed a process for the community to be able to really accept and acknowledge the enforcement of regulations and how important regulations were. Therefore, it cannot be forced at all and must be gradually in the form of assimilation and adjustment.

On the same occasion, the Special Staff of the PB ESI General Secretariat, Debora Imannuela then invited all young people to be able to jointly build a much more democratic esports ecosystem in the future. This is because the enactment of the regulations upheld by PBESI itself truly reflects the principles of democracy, that is, all types of regulations are made from, by and for the advancement of Indonesia’s own esports ecosystem.

Through a very democratic regulatory system, the Indonesian Esports Executive Board (PBESI) has a very large role in its efforts to advance the Indonesian esports ecosystem. The reason is that with the enforcement of clear regulations, many aspects of the world of esports are also clearly regulated so as to guarantee all rights and obligations not only for esports athletes in the country, but for all parties in the world of esports. The big goal expected by the Ketum PBESI, Budi Gunawan, is to be able to continue to elevate Indonesian esports so that it can lead Asia and even become a world barometer.

)* The author is a contributor to Nusantara Reading Room 

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