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PDI Perjuangan Ensures President Jokowi Supports Ganjar Pranowo


JAKARTA — PDI Perjuangan has ensured that President Jokowi clearly fully supports Ganjar Pranowo in the upcoming 2024 presidential election.

PDI Perjuangan Secretary General, Hasto Kristiyanto believes that the decision to support the Head of State only goes to the name of the presidential candidate that is being carried by the party led by Megawati Soekarnoputri.

“Haqqul is sure, it was Pak Ganjar Pranowo,” he said.

Previously, Solo Mayor Gibran Rakabuming Raka had also revealed that his father had decided to support only one presidential candidate in the upcoming presidential election.

Several things make it clear the direction of support from President Jokowi only for the leader who is identical with white hair is due to a number of similarities.

One of them is that they are both populist and simple leaders, often making direct blusukans to listen to the aspirations of the common people.

Regarding this matter, Diponegoro University (Undip) Political Communication Expert, Triyono Lukmantoro explained that Ganjar’s communication style shows that he is a caring leader and not arrogant.

The reason is that the presidential candidate endorsed by the PDI Perjuangan is not at all waiting to be visited by the public first, but rather he is approaching his citizens.

In fact, Ganjar himself was willing to spend the night or stay at a simple resident’s house. Of course this is a characteristic of its own.

“I think this is a unique feature of Ganjar,” explained the expert.

With leaders who are directly moving to visit their people, then from there good communication will be established and will be able to eliminate distance, resulting in equality.

“From there communication can be well established if the leadership or in this case Governor Ganjar visits the community. Automatically the distance disappears so what emerges is equality,” Triyono added.

The Undip academic understood that if the community was visited directly by their leaders, the community would also feel more comfortable and humanized.

“So if, for example, people are visited, they will feel more comfortable, more humanized,” said Triyono.

When indeed a leader admits that he is the people, then he must really show it with his attitude and cannot even wait for his people to visit him.

The key to being a good leader in the future is being able to listen to all the complaints from the people.

“I think this is the key for a good leader to come and listen to what the people complain about, what the people need,” concluded the communications expert.

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