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PDIP Believes Ganjar Will Win Absolutely in Surabaya, Support from Hundreds of Command Posts


SURABAYA – The Indonesian Democratic Party of Struggle (PDIP) believes and is optimistic that Ganjar Pranowo will win absolutely in Surabaya thanks to the support from hundreds of posts in the upcoming 2024 presidential election.

Chairman of the Surabaya City PDI Perjuangan Branch Leadership Council, Adi Sutarwijono, said that they were confident that Ganjar Pranowo would win in Surabaya absolutely in the 2024 Presidential General Election (Pilpres).

Not without reason, according to Adi, the people, especially Surabaya residents, chose a president with a clear track record and reputation like Ganjar.

“The public does not want to choose a presidential candidate like choosing a cat in a sack. “So you must have a clear track record of service and a clear track record of reputation,” he said.

In the city of Surabaya itself, there are already 321 Ganjar Pranowo winning post units which have been established by sympathizers and cadres, so with this number they believe that Ganjar Pranowo’s absolute victory in Surabaya is high.

Other legislative candidates under the auspices of PDIP are also intensively carrying out socialization through blusukan which enters village areas intensively in each region. 

Meanwhile, Banteng Surabaya is also preparing thousands of voting stations (TPS) to secure the votes of Ganjar Pranowo and PDI Perjuangan.

“We are training thousands of witnesses to secure and protect the votes of Presidential Candidate Ganjar Pranowo and PDI Perjuangan in the city of Surabaya in the upcoming elections,” continued Adi.

There are 16 thousand witnesses and voter mobilization teams (gurakih) prepared at more than 8 thousand polling stations on February 14 2024. 

They also continue to move among the community to introduce the figure of Ganjar Pranowo.

“We visited people’s houses. Bull cadres move to villages and settlements. Compact, solid, and tireless. PDI Perjuangan cadres continue to accompany the community. “Cry and laugh with the people,” said Adi.

“We have recruited 72 witnesses at the polling station level. “Each TPS has 2 witnesses,” said the Head of the PDIP Branch, Rungkut Menanggal Subdistrict, Mesakh.

This belief is also supported by the solidity of the cadres who continue to strengthen their consolidation to win the leader who is synonymous with white hair.

“Everyone is united and solid to continue moving to win the Presidential Candidate Mr. Ganjar Pranowo while maintaining the honor of the PDI Perjuangan as a forum for the people’s struggle,” said Reksa Ningsih as Chair of the PDIP PAC for Gununganyar District.

Apart from that, Ganjar Pranowo’s winning efforts are also being discussed jointly with supporting parties at the city level, such as the Hanura Party, Perindo Party and PPP. So optimism for the GP to win in Surabaya is also getting higher.

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