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PDIP is optimistic that Ganjar’s electability in West Java will continue to be high


By : Amara Anindya )*

The Indonesian Democratic Party of Struggle (PDIP) continues to believe that the electability of presidential candidate Ganjar Pranowo in West Java continues to be high, so there is no need to worry and is optimistic that he will definitely win regardless of who the vice presidential candidate is next.

            Ganjar’s electability in various regions in Indonesia tends to be high and continues to increase, one of which is West Java (Jabar). Even the PDIP Party is optimistic that the electability of the former Governor of Central Java is climbing high and will continue to rise. A lot of support came from community leaders to ordinary people. 

            This support also comes from the Indonesian Santri Association (Hisnu), which continues to aggressively strengthen Hisnu in the West Java region. The two met to strengthen their ranks and win over the former Governor of Central Java. Hisnu Jabar consists of various groups of students and kiai who have the enthusiasm to continue trying to win Ganjar Pranowo. 

            Hisnu Coordinator in West Java continues to work to socialize presidential candidate Ganjar Pranowo to the local community. National Hisnu Chairman, Gus Yusuf Hidayat, said that the people of West Java are already familiar with the figure of Ganjar Pranowo. This means that GP’s electability continues to soar, because the public already recognizes his figure. Thus, it was easy for Ganjar to win votes in the area easily.

            This is inseparable from the role of many volunteers from various circles who are involved directly in introducing the figure of the leader who is identified with white hair to the wider community. Gus Yusuf also added that the people of West Java already understand that Ganjar Pranowo’s origins, recognize that his wife and family are Islamic and are indeed welcomed and accepted by the community. However, this consolidation must continue to be carried out so that GP electability in West Java continues to increase until the democratic party arrives.

            According to Kiai Muhammad Taqiyuddin Basri, he admitted that it was not difficult for him to promote Ganjar Pranowo because he had a good track record and his success in leading Central Java Province was already widely known. Thus, the community responded positively to GP’s presence when it was socialized by volunteers. In other words, because there is a lot of support given to Ganjar, all his supporters, including PDIP, are optimistic that in the future he will lead Ganjar on the path to victory, namely becoming President in 2024 in the coming period.

Rumors regarding the vice presidential candidate (cawapres) who will accompany Ganjar Pranowo continue to blow loudly. The names given also have high electability and are suitable to accompany Ganjar as his deputy. Recently, Ridwan Kamil’s name was mentioned as Ganjar’s companion to run for the upcoming 2024 presidential election.

            Previously, there was indeed a meeting between Ridwan Kamil and the General Chairperson (Ketum) of PDIP, Megawati Soekarnoputri which was used as reinforcement that the former Governor of West Java would accompany Ganjar as his deputy in the 2024 Presidential Election. With this reinforcement, there is still a possibility that the two of them will to be a running mate in the upcoming presidential election. Ganjar Pranowo and Ridwan Kamil are the right collaboration to increase Ganjar’s electoral base in West Java (West Java). Likewise, whoever he is paired with, Ganjar already has electability and a good track record in society. 

            Based on the Kompas Research and Development survey, the electability of the former Governor of Central Java (Jateng) reached 30 percent. This figure is considered quite high because there are still many opportunities to increase it again. With time approaching, it is not impossible that electability can continue to rise in the West Java region.

            On the other hand, support for Ganjar Pranowo continues to come from all circles, including Ganjaran Berjuang Labor (GBB) which declared its support for presidential candidate Ganjar Pranowo. Through an event entitled ‘From the Workers’ Factory Greeting Ganjar Pranowo as the President of Indonesian Workers’ Choice’ which was held in Subang, West Java. The event, which was attended by thousands of workers, had a strong commitment to winning the leader known as white hair as President in 2024. They even used t-shirts bearing the GP’s face and chanted ‘Ganjar Pranowo, President of Indonesian Workers’ Choice’.

            The reason why the workers chose Ganjar as President 2024 is that, based on his background, Ganjar has led Central Java Province for two periods, which of course has been tested compared to the others. Apart from that, according to workers, a leader must not only be smart with words, but must also be balanced with being smart in acting and working. These characteristics are said to already exist in the GP figure.

            With this pledge, Ganjaran Struggling Workers (GGB) will continue to strive to help win Ganjar Pranowo in the Subang area, West Java. In this way, support for Ganjar Pranowo continues to increase, through breakthroughs in companies and collaboration between Ganjar unions, he can win votes in the West Java region through his already high electability.

)* The author is a contributor to GIGIH (Ganjar Inclusive Movement for Harmonious Indonesia)

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