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People Power Ahead of the 2024 Election Is Just a Non-Solutive Appeal and Without Analysis


By: Shenna Aprilya Zahra )*

People Power only continues to be echoed by getting closer and closer to the implementation of the upcoming 2024 Election. In fact, the various calls echoed by a handful of these groups have not been accompanied by a solution at all and have not been matched by a comprehensive analysis, which has only worsened the situation and even threatens the integrity of the Unitary State of the Republic of Indonesia.

In recent days there has been an issue from a handful of groups stating that they will promote a movement called People Power in the city of Solo ahead of the holding of a democratic party and political contestation, the General Election (Election) in 2024.

Of course, it is actually very clear that the call for a movement to gather a number of masses and carry out a People Power action is completely inappropriate if it is carried out in Indonesia. The reason is, usually such movements are common and occur in a country that has many problems.

Various kinds of problems that occur in a country and cannot be resolved by their government, including regarding the existence of instability in the world of politics, then the existence of economic and security instability, then make a number of people promote the People Power movement.

However, if you look at Indonesia itself, these various problems have not occurred at all. This is because the position of the Government of the Republic of Indonesia (RI) even up to this moment is really strong and sturdy, and able to be sovereign and continue to be able to strive to carry out the mandate of the 1945 Constitution of the Republic of Indonesia.

Then, when discussing the economic sector, Indonesia has become one of the countries with the best accelerated national economic recovery in the world after the COVID-19 pandemic, in which many other countries have recognized the success of the country and even imitated the steps and strategies implemented by Indonesia. so that it can continue to survive and score good economic growth in the midst of many threats.

Therefore, it is clear that the efforts of a number of parties to promote People Power is actually an action that is completely inappropriate. What’s more, it can be seen from the track records of a number of parties, in fact they seem to be deliberately continuing to instigate all kinds of negative issues and continue to try to overthrow the legitimate government, especially when the election is approaching and approaching.

Of course these patterns are increasingly becoming a very big question mark. Because the narrative of the People Power movement itself cannot be separated from the intolerance and unconstitutional practices represented by some of these groups themselves.

The People Power movement is clearly a call to gather the masses, but it violates the constitutional mandate because it seeks to overthrow a sovereign government. Even though the constitution itself has been regulated and there is its own mechanism in accordance with applicable law. This also includes the implementation of the General Election which will be one of the things in upholding the constitution, because there will be a circulation or change of power every 5 (five) years in Indonesia.

Regarding the various irregularities in calling for a movement called People Power, Political Communication Expert from Pelita Harapan University (UPH), Emrus Sihimbong explained that the impact that could occur if it turns out that an unconstitutional movement is carried out is that it could actually result in casualties. Moreover, that narrative is completely a movement that is not constructive or trying to provide constructive criticism and suggestions to the government regarding how to do well in the future.

In fact, as a good citizen, if for example there is indeed a deficiency from the government, then it can be criticized and invited to have a dialogue and of course you want to be accompanied by evidence, facts and accurate data. Instead of uniting the mass movement like this.

Precisely if there is an opposition group that is intelligent for the nation, it will indeed be very much in line with efforts to continue to uphold the principles of democracy in the country. The way the opposition should be able to act in a much more rational manner and use a series of discourses based on solutive ideas instead of playing identity politics so that it will become a quality antithesis for the state.

Don’t let the opposition even exist, however, they can only play on various kinds of issues negatively without being accompanied by a comprehensive idea to be able to offer a number of alternative solutions for the good and welfare of all people in Indonesia.

It is clear that if the opposition continues to use various negative narratives and issues just like that, moreover the issues they throw at them are not accompanied by real solutions and are not at all based on a comprehensive analysis, it will only worsen the atmosphere and damage the integrity of the Unitary State of the Republic of Indonesia. Especially when a movement like People Power is only echoed close to and just ahead of the General Election, so it can be seen that there are many irregularities in the covert efforts of a handful of parties.

)* The author is a contributor to Nusantara Reading Room

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