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President Jokowi Invites the People to Maintain Democracy and Tolerance in the 2024 Election


Jakarta – President Joko Widodo (Jokowi) continues to invite all people to be able to jointly safeguard the principles of democracy in this nation and also be able to behave with full tolerance in the implementation of the General Elections (Elections) in the upcoming 2024.

President Jokowi stated that the implementation of the General Election was an event for a democratic party for all people in Indonesia. Therefore, he requested and advised that there should be no more hate speech to attempts to commit slander in the entire process of the political contestation stages.

Because as the name implies, namely a democratic party, it is certain that the implementation of the General Election must be carried out with joy and colored with pleasure from all people in the country. Do not let later in the implementation, it is colored by a sense of fear and also fights that lead to horizontal conflict.

Furthermore, President Jokowi also asked that there be no more spreading of fake news or hoaxes in the community, mainly through social media which has indeed become a platform for many flows of information that can be very easily accessed and reaches the public directly.

If the spread of hoaxes continues to occur on social media and it is widely accessed by the public so that it is perceived as if this is true news, then it is clear that there will be very many bad impacts for the nation and state.

It is also very important that the implementation of the preaching of democracy and political contestation should not be colored by slandering each other between candidates. Moreover, the slander that is still wrapped in the issue of SARA (ethnicity, religion, race and inter-group) and still involves religion.

In fact, all Indonesian people are one unit and are brothers in one nation and one homeland, so that it shouldn’t be easy to be divided and end up hating each other or even causing divisions in the name of religion.

This clearly cannot happen because it is a necessity that the backgrounds of all people in Indonesia are very diverse and different from one another. Therefore, tolerance is very important to continue to be echoed.

It’s not just differences in background that are contained in all people in the country. If later in the implementation of the 2024 elections it turns out that there are differences in political choices, then this matter should be addressed fairly and normally because this nation really upholds the principles of democracy. So don’t let differences in views or choices and political attitudes become an arena for fighting and demonizing each other in a prolonged manner.

Because, it will absolutely not bring benefits and good impacts if society continues to be divided just because of different views and choices in politics. The reason is, in fact the political elites themselves, they are all with each other in various ways and can show a good example of tolerance and national brotherhood.

The whole society should follow the example of the attitudes and actions shown by the political elite, that is, even though they have different ideologies or ways of doing politics, in fact they still respond to this in a normal and relaxed manner.

President Jokowi also asked all elements of society to be able to take part in the upcoming 2024 General Elections with a full sense of unity and brotherly spirit. He appealed to all parties to be able to re-unite as a great nation.

Only with a strong unity, which is intertwined by all layers of society in the archipelago, is it possible to strengthen and strengthen the nation. In fact, the existence of this union also succeeded in delivering Indonesia to become an independent country and was able to expel the colonialists in the first independence era.

As information that there is indeed an increase in intolerance in society, especially ahead of democratic parties and political contestation in elections. Therefore, this threat should indeed be considered very seriously so that conducive conditions are maintained, including the existence of religious unity and harmony.

Knowing that there is an increasing trend of acts or attitudes of intolerance, especially in the time leading up to the holding of the General Election, President Jokowi immediately invites all the people to be able to jointly maintain the principles of democracy and increase a sense of tolerance, including not to continue spreading slander and hoaxes on social media so that the Election can truly be enjoyed by all people with great joy.

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