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President Jokowi Supports Ganjar in the Presidential Election to Continue Leadership


By : Akhilendra Fahin Garvi )*

The President of the Republic of Indonesia (RI), Joko Widodo (Jokowi) fully supports the presidential candidate (Capres) from the Indonesian Democratic Party of Struggle (PDIP), who has also recently been supported by the Perindo Party, Ganjar Pranowo in the 2024 Presidential Election (Pilpres). This is because he firmly believes that the figure of the Governor of Central Java (Central Java) is capable of continuing to bring Indonesia to become a developed country and also for the sake of continuing his leadership to continue the many development programs and superior programs for this nation.

It is known that the Head of State directly expressed his support for the man who is identical with white hair in front of the participants attending the third National Working Meeting (Rakernas) of PDI Perjuangan which was held behind closed doors on Tuesday, June 6 2023.

Then, regarding President Joko Widodo’s full support for the figure of Ganjar Pranowo, PDIP Secretary General Hasto Kristiyanto has also confirmed that this statement is true.

In a video which later also spread widely on social media, the Head of State initially stated that in 2024, 2029 and also in 2034 it will indeed be a very important stepping stone for Indonesia, especially to be able to move on to become a developed country.

Of course, with this momentum, it is also important for the country to be able to have good leaders, where these leaders can really continue to guard and lead this nation to become a developed country. Thus, the former Mayor of Solo also reminded that it is very important to choose a leader who is able to demonstrate his quality and ability.

After saying this, President Jokowi then emphasized that the person who is very capable of continuing to lead Indonesia to become a developed country is the candidate for president who is carried by the party bearing the bull logo with a white snout, namely Ganjar Pranowo.

Regarding the support from the seventh Indonesian President, Chair of the PDIP Central Leadership Council (DPP) for politics, Puan Maharani then added that she caught a clear message from the Head of State who gave his full support to the Governor of Central Java.

Not just full support, but many great hopes are aimed at Ganjar Pranowo so that he can really continue to carry out and continue all of President Jokowi’s work programs and development programs for the future progress of Indonesia.

Meanwhile, the Secretary General of the PDI Perjuangan, Hasto Kristiyanto, ensured that the Head of State 100% (percent) fully supports Presidential Candidate Ganjar Pranowo to continue advancing and fighting in the 2024 Presidential Election. This is because the direction of support given by President Jokowi is actually also very clear. because the leadership he has carried out so far has been in one breath with how the leadership of President Soekarno, President Megawati Soekarnoputri before, which will later be continued by the figure of the PDIP cadre.

It is very clear that there is absolutely no other preference than the support provided by the Head of State. Moreover, he has made many statements previously, which reveal that the 54-year-old man is a national figure who deserves to be his successor because he is considered a leader who has courage and also has strong guts.

Indeed, it is one of the qualifications that should be considered and taken into account if Indonesia’s future leaders are figures who have courage and also have tough guts. Because it is proven that with the current leadership of President Jokowi, who is known to have the courage to be able to make many breakthroughs and carry out bureaucratic structural reforms on several occasions, he is able to further advance the nation. This is also reflected in the figure of Ganjar Pranowo who will be able to lead and have direction for the future of the nation by continuing to ensure continuity and also unity for the sake of accelerating the progress of the country.

The challenges that this nation will face in the future will indeed be very complex, especially in 2024, Indonesia is predicted to experience a surge in demographic bonuses that are quite high so that it really needs a leader who is able to take advantage of this demographic bonus in a better direction for the progress of the nation. .

When likened to a product, in fact the figure of the Governor of Central Java is a product with a complete package which is very complete with many advantages that he has. Starting from how his communication style is known to be very flexible, then the communication he makes with the people can also be said to be crisp. The existence of a good communication style, especially when dealing with people, is certainly a plus for his figure.

In order to be able to continue to lead Indonesia and guard this nation in order to prepare it to become a developed country, President Jokowi is very determined and full of confidence fully supports the figure of Presidential Candidate Ganjar Pranowo in the political battle, the upcoming 2024 Presidential Election.

)* The author is a contributor to Jendela Equator Institute

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