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Public Volunteers for Ganjar President, Focus on Socialization in West Sumatra


Padang – Public Volunteers for Ganjar President are focusing on outreach in West Sumatra (Sumbar) in the upcoming 2024 presidential election.

On one occasion, REPUBLIC volunteers declared their support for presidential candidate (capres) Ganjar Pranowo as a form of continued support from the previous agenda.

Millennial groups and first-time voters are the main focus of public volunteers for Ganjar President, especially in the West Sumatra area. 

According to the General Chair of the DPP Republik, Harda Belly’s group is currently focusing on working on the segmentation of beginner and millennial voters in special regions such as West Sumatra, South Sumatra, West Java, DKI and Banten.

“In the upcoming 2024 elections, the total number of voters from the Millennial generation and Generation Z groups is more than 113 million voters,” he said.

Furthermore, Harda said that half a percent of the total voters were dominated by the millennial generation.

“These two generations dominate the 2024 election voters, namely 56.45% of the total voters. “This is a very potential and decisive number,” he continued.

Harda also said that they had prepared a program to attract this group.

“So we prepared a Community Based Campaign strategy, a community-based campaign. “We invite and involve them to be actively involved in politics,” he said.

Not only that, they also provide political education through matters that directly relate to the younger generation.

“Especially for the beginner voter group, we provide political education according to the fashion and hobby approach,” he concluded.

On another occasion, Mak Ganjar volunteers in Padang continued to intensively provide activities that were beneficial to the community by distributing cayenne pepper seeds to anticipate price increases.

“The distribution of cayenne pepper seeds is to anticipate price increases. “Because of that, we invite residents to plant plants for their kitchen needs,” explained Ulfa Yulida as Mak Ganjar Padang Regional Coordinator.

With this activity, the people of Padang, West Sumatra welcomed the program very enthusiastically.

“Very happy with the guidance, so we can understand how to plant chilies and increase our knowledge, making us productive mothers even at home,” said Nurul, one of the residents.

Meanwhile, Chairman of the West Sumatra Islamic Da’wah Council (MDI), Buya Zainal MS, said that the figure of Ganjar Pranowo deserved to be Indonesia’s leader.

“In my opinion, the right Indonesian leader at this time is a leader who has tolerance. Because, with tolerance, harmony is created in the country. “It seems, in my opinion, that Ganjar Pranowo has that spirit of tolerance,” said Buya.

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