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Reflecting Clean and Honest Leaders, Ganjar Pranowo’s Electability Continues to Increase


Semarang — Reflecting the figure and figure of a leader who is very clean and honest, Ganjar Pranowo’s electability continues to experience a significant increase and is predicted to even continue to skyrocket.

The presidential candidate promoted by the PDI Perjuangan as well as the Governor of Central Java, Ganjar Pranowo, has ensured that he follows up on public complaints regarding illegal fees (pungli) at schools.

In fact, he explicitly stated that extortion must be fought hard and not limited to warnings or appeals.

“We always take firm action against any illegal levies. We all have to fight extortion hard, no longer just a warning and appeal,” said Ganjar.

So far, prohibitions have been repeatedly conveyed in many forms regarding extortion, and there have even been strict rules governing it.

So, if extortion practices are still found in various places, the PDI Perjuangan cadre admits that he will absolutely not hesitate to take firm action.

Previously, after receiving a report of extortion from a student at SMKN 1 Sale, Ganjar immediately took firm action by releasing the school principal there from his position after he was proven to have committed the illegal extortion.

Not only did he relieve himself of his duties, but the 54-year-old leader also asked that all extortion money be returned with the infaq mode.

Meanwhile, with Ganjar Pranowo’s attitude, figure or figure, which is a reflection of how clean and honest a leader is, his electability will also be even higher than now.

This was conveyed by the Chairman of the PPP DPP, Achmad Baidowi, who admitted that all parties supporting the PDI Perjuangan presidential candidate would continue to be able to increase their electoral numbers.

Moreover, according to him, currently there is still about seven months to be able to continue working together in increasing the electability of Ganjar Pranowo.

“There is still seven months to continue increasing Pak Ganjar’s electability,” said Baidowi.

It cannot be denied that based on many survey results from various institutions, Ganjar Pranowo has always been at number one with the highest electoral scores.

With this data, then the Chairperson of the PPP DPP still has a target and a strong commitment that his party, with the support of all coalition parties, will continue to increase the electability of the Governor of Central Java in the 2024 Presidential Election.

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