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Religious Figures Support and Pray for Ganjar Pranowo to Become President of Indonesia


By: Nalina Aina )*

Presidential candidate (Capres) Ganjar Pranowo has received support from religious leaders to become Indonesia’s next leader. This support is very good because it shows that he is loved by everyone, including religious leaders. With their prayers, Ganjar is optimistic that he will win the 2024 elections.

Ganjar Pranowo is the ideal presidential candidate because he is determined to eradicate poverty in Indonesia. As a figure who has experience in leading, he wants to be head of state to prosper the people. The public supports Ganjar as the ideal presidential candidate and wins him in the 2024 elections.

Candidate Ganjar is very much loved by the people of Indonesia, including religious leaders. He received support from the kiai and students of the Roudhotul Uqul Islamic Boarding School, Batang Regency, Central Java. They pray for Ganjar to become President in 2024, and hope that later Ganjar will pay more attention to Islamic boarding schools.

The caretaker of the Roudhotul Uqul Islamic Boarding School Kiai M. Syafi’ul Umam prays that hopefully (Ganjar) will become the number one person in Indonesia. He conveyed this at the creative economy training event at the Roudhotul Uqul Islamic Boarding School which was attended by the students.

This training was held by Ganjar support volunteers who are members of the Santri Support Ganjar (SDG). The activity took place in a solemn atmosphere from the opening which was filled with recitation of the holy verses of the Koran, until finally it was closed with a prayer with the students.

In a sense, Ganjar is supported by religious leaders because they see him as the most potential presidential candidate. The enthusiasm of the kiai and students was very high when discussing with Ganjar Pranowo, showing that they really support him to become President of the Republic of Indonesia in 2024. Ganjar is considered to be close to his santri and kiai, and can mingle well.

When there is support from religious leaders, it means they agree with the vision and mission brought by him. The figures considered that Ganjar would be a good president, because he wanted to be a leader who would bring Indonesia forward, not just image.

When Ganjar shows the results of his work, the people will have more trust, especially students, to become President of the Republic of Indonesia next year. In 2022 there are 30 awards he has won. This shows that Ganjar is an accomplished leader, so that he is increasingly loved by the Indonesian people. He was also chosen as the best governor this year and showed that his hard work paid off.

Meanwhile, Tuan Guru Supports Ganjar North Sumatra, Tuan Guru Muhammad Arifin together with religious leaders in North Sumatra (North Sumatra) who are members of Tuan Guru Support Ganjar North Sumatra considers Ganjar to be an honest leader. So they declared support for Ganjar to become President of the Republic of Indonesia in 2024.

Based on Ganjar’s track record, Tuan Guru Arifin considers the figure of the Governor of Central Java to be very positive since becoming a member of the DPR to leading Central Java. Therefore, his party and the students are committed to socializing the figure of Ganjar to the community. Until Ganjar becomes President in 2024, we will continue to pray together with the remembrance council and also pray that without any obstacles Ganjar will go smoothly to President 2024.

Not only holding a declaration, Randi said this activity was also filled with tausiah, prayer, and remembrance. He hopes that what Tuan Guru has sung in North Sumatra can come true. Ganjar is a leader who mingles with Tuan Guru, mingles with Ustaz, mingles with kiai and clerics, and moreover a leader who is very concerned about the condition of the santri, therefore Ganjar continues to be supported by them.

Religious leaders support Ganjar because he shows the results of his work, not just talk. Ganjar has built at least 71 Community Health Centers from 2012 to 2020. People love Ganjar even more because he is very concerned and wants people to get health facilities that are closer and have complete equipment.

In a survey, Ganjar won more votes than other presidential candidates. Then, in surveys at different institutions, he also remained number one. This really shows that the people want him to be the next president. Ganjar deserves to lead not only in Central Java, but in Indonesia.

Survey results certainly can not be bought. Moreover, what is presented is the result of several survey institutions. When everyone said that Ganjar was the winner of the survey, he would definitely be the next president. Moreover, there is support from religious leaders who make him confident to win the 2024 election.

Religious leaders support Ganjar Pranowo to become Indonesia’s next president. They also prayed for Ganjar to be elected and soon become a quality leader of the country. Support and prayers from religious leaders are invaluable, because it will further increase Ganjar’s electability and make his chances even greater in the 2024 elections.

)* The author is Nusantara Reading Room Contributor

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