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Residents of Bondowoso Declaration of Support for President Ganjar Pranowo 2024 in Bung Karno Month


Bondowoso – Many Bondowoso residents made an official declaration to support Ganjar Pranowo to become President of the Republic of Indonesia in 2024 in Bung Karno Month. 

It is known that at the moment to commemorate Bung Karno Month, Bondowoso residents held an event by releasing as many as a thousand pigeons into the wild. 

The releasing of the doves was carried out by the Se-Taretan Dhibik (STD) community, which is a symbol of independence. 

Not only that, but it is also considered that the release of the dove is a symbol of the implementation of peaceful elections which were held by volunteers of Ganjar Pranowo. 

Regarding this, the Coordinator of STD Bondowoso, Dedy Faizal Ali, stated that the commemoration of Haul Bung Karno 2023 this time was carried out in a special way unlike previous years. 

The reason is, this year, they also declared the establishment of the Ganjar Law and Development Center (GLDC), which was carried out jointly with hundreds of people. 

They are also very supportive so that the 2024 Election can take place peacefully and continue to maintain national unity and unity as the message from the PDI Perjuangan Cadre. 

“The releasing of 1,000 doves is a symbol of a peaceful message in facing the 2024 Election. As Pak Ganjar’s message is for us to maintain unity and oneness,” said Dedy.

For the existence of a self-declaration, it is a form of support to guard the victory of the leader who is identical with white hair in the 2024 Presidential Election while at the same time being able to uphold the vision of legal reform. 

How could it not be, the article with GLDC is also able to be present to provide education and legal assistance to the community. 

“The Ganjar Law and Development Center is also present to provide education to the community, provide assistance on issues related to law, contribute to legal reform and also provide legal services to the community,” explained Dedy.

The STD coordinator was then also determined to be able to create space to increase political awareness in the community to educate various programs from Ganjar to residents. 

The aim is to be able to provide advocacy so that all the policies taken by the Presidential Candidate from the PDI Perjuangan can be conveyed to the wider community. 

“GLDC Bondowoso has one of its missions, increasing public awareness, encouraging participation in elections, and providing voters with an understanding of the political process. We will also advocate for Ganjar’s policy, so that it can be conveyed to the wider community,” he explained. 

With the declaration of the formation of the GLDC, then received appreciation from volunteers and the Ganjar Pranowo supporting community. 

The chairman of Ganjarian Bondowoso, Edy Cahyono, gave this appreciation because the formation of GLDC was also able to educate the public. 

He also hopes that in the future there will be legal reforms in order to provide the best legal services to citizens. 

“I hope to contribute to legal reform and provide legal services to the community,” he hoped.

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