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Results of Rapimnas V PPP Officially Fully Support Ganjar Pranowo as 2024 Presidential Candidate


Sleman – Plt. PPP Chairperson Muhammad Mardiono said that all the results of the National Assembly V of the United Struggle Party (PPP) had been passed from deliberations for three consecutive days.

Discussions and in-depth discussions have also been carried out, especially regarding several names of figures that have developed in society lately.

“The PPP DPP has held deliberations for 3 consecutive days,” he said.

“Followed by Rapimnas V PPP has conducted in-depth discussions and discussions, various potentials have been studied in depth. Several names of prominent figures who have developed in the community are the subject of discussion,” added Mardiono.

So, after the whole process of deliberation and consideration, in the end PPP decided to carry Ganjar Pranowo as the 2024 presidential candidate.

“After going through deliberations and in-depth discussions, by saying bismillahirrohmanirrohim, PPP has decided on Mr. Ganjar Pranowo as the Indonesian presidential candidate in the upcoming 2024 presidential election,” he said.

He put forward several reasons, the first was support for Ganjar to run for the 2024 presidential candidate because he continued the support that PPP had also given since the Central Java Pilkada.

“Similar support has been provided by PPP, namely political support for the 201 Central Java Pilkada, PPP has made him the Governor of Central Java who is partnered with PPP Cadre Taj Yasin,” he said.

In addition, Mardiono revealed that the figure of Ganjar himself has a family culture that comes from NU.

“Because PPP believes that with the culture coming from the NU family, he definitely has almost the same vision as PPP,” added the Acting Head of PPP.

Coupled with how the integrity and electability of the presidential candidate from the PDIP have been very good so far.

“PPP views that his integrity is very worthy to occupy the position of national leader,” he explained.

“In addition, electability support as a politician has been proven from various surveys to have occupied a top position when compared to other figures,” he said.

Apart from that, historically, Ganjar Pranowo himself has a special affinity with PPP.

“Historically, Ganjar Pranowo cannot be separated from PPP because his father-in-law is a cadre of PPP. Furthermore, his brother-in-law currently serves as Chair of the Purbalingga PPP DPC,” he explained.

Furthermore, in the future, based on the mandate from the PPP Rapimnas, the party will continue to encourage cadres so they can be paired as Ganjar’s vice presidential candidate.

“Based on the mandate given by the Rapimnas V forum, PPP will try its best to carry out communication and political steps to encourage PPP cadres to be paired as vice presidential candidates to accompany Ganjar Pranowo,” he explained.

Then, going forward, PPP will carry out political communication with the Ketum PDIP and also with the Ketum of the United Indonesia Coalition Political Party.

“Based on the mandate of Rapimnas V DPP PPP will also soon carry out political communication with the Ketum DPP PDIP,” he said.

“Furthermore, PPP will also carry out political communication with the Ketum of the United Indonesia Coalition and at the same time convey the decisions of the Rapimnas to him,” said Mardiono.

Finally, PPP will also carry out political communication to President Jokowi regarding the direction of their political path going forward.

“As a government coalition party, PPP will also communicate to President Jokowi regarding the decisions of Rapimnas V PPP as the direction for the political path of struggle,” he concluded.

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