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Synergize Against Terrorism Ahead of the 2024 Election


Ahead of the implementation of the 2024 elections, the threat of terrorism could come to disrupt the democratic party. Extreme groups must receive monitoring from security forces in order to reduce the potential for disturbances ahead of the election.

In order to be wary of terrorism ahead of the 2024 elections. National Police Chief General Listyo Sigit Prabowo stated that the police had prepared a number of approaches in handling acts of terrorism in the political year, especially ahead of the General Election.

Sigit made this statement during the occasion of the 2023 BNPT Awards at the Djakarta Theater, Central Jakarta, some time ago. He said, especially in the election year, the National Police, in this case Densus 88 Anti-terror, will continue to carry out activities starting from a soft approach, until now, his party has changed steps that are preventive and secure or what is commonly called a preventive strike.

According to Sigit, Densus 88 continues to monitor the movements of groups affiliated with terrorists. He said it was feared that these groups wanted to take advantage of differences in views or the issue of SARA to divide society.

Facing the election year, this strategy continues because his party also understands that there is potential for use by certain groups who want to “hitch a ride” on the election moment. Then with the potentials that they can participate in, especially when there are differences of opinion or conflict, especially when using SARA issues, of course his party needs to anticipate this.

Apart from that, a humane approach also needs to be taken towards former convicts of terrorism cases (convicts). In this case, Polri is also increasing synergy with the National Counterterrorism Agency (BNPT), the Ministry of Religion (Kemenag) and religious leaders.

The National Police Chief also stated that the next approach is to take firm action if there are parties who have the potential to harm and interfere with the election process. The National Police Chief emphasized that the National Police will be assisted by the TNI to continue to be aware of the threat of terrorism ahead of the election.

Meanwhile, the BNPT also stated that acts of terror in Indonesia have continued to decrease since 2018. This was conveyed by the Head of the BNPT, Komjen Pol Rycko Amelza Dahniel. He said that the reduction in cases of terrorism attacks had reached more than 89 percent since 2018. One of the factors that contributed to the decrease in attacks by this terrorist group was law enforcement carried out by the TNI-Polri apparatus. Even so, Rycko realized that these numbers were only numbers that appeared on the surface.

Therefore, he also asked all ranks not to be complacent about the reduction in terror. Moreover, acts of terror have many kinds, ranging from physical attacks to ideological attacks.

Of course, the BNPT needs to put forward innovative and collaborative steps in securing elections. Of course, the reduction in the number of terrorist attacks cannot be the only measure, because of course there are still many who operate underground. Moreover, terrorist attacks take various forms, ranging from direct attacks to doctrines that make a person hate the national symbol. So that the BNPT must continue to create innovative and collaborative programs to reduce all these threats.

Because the potential threat of terrorism currently varies, especially ahead of the 2024 elections. Therefore, the BNPT must also increase vigilance against threats of terrorism and radicalism that can enter through many loopholes. Considering that the current era is already sophisticated, threats of terrorism or radicalism can also enter through many loopholes.

It is appropriate for the BNPT to make more programs, especially those that are close to young people. The aim is for the BNPT to minimize the spread of radicalism among the younger generation. Moreover, the number of young voters in 2024 will be almost 60 percent.

On a different occasion, Indonesian Vice President Ma’ruf Amin asked the BNPT and related parties to monitor and oversee social media, especially ahead of the 2024 Election. He also asked the BNPT not to be complacent because terror organizations will always find ways to spread ideas. radicals, especially towards vulnerable groups, namely women, youth and children.

Young people both in the school environment and the RT/RW environment need to be embraced in order to promote religious moderation, as well as strengthen nationalism. Don’t let young people be exposed to radical ideas that are contrary to the spirit of Pancasila.

The narrative of radicalism on social media seems to never end, before the Covid-19 pandemic hit, several of the nation’s children decided to fly to Syria and join ISIS, some of them even chose to burn their passports.

Of course the BNPT and related parties such as the TNI-Polri and the Ministry of Religion need to work hard and endeavor so that intolerance does not take root. What’s more, it relates to a political year which could have been colored by intolerance practices.

The public needs to be wary of various kinds of political maneuvers such as identity politics, because this can be a cover to achieve momentary interests. On the other hand, synergy is also needed between the g

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