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Synergize in Guarding Papua’s Special Autonomy Fund from Corruptors


By: Rebecca Marian)*

Together, the Papuan people and related parties must be able to go hand in hand to safeguard all Otsus funds so that they can be used properly and avoid all forms of fraud, including from corruptors.

Starting from the findings of the Financial Transaction Reports and Analysis Center (PPATK) which found a suspicious flow of funds from the account of the Governor of Papua, Lukas Enembe, the investigation was immediately expanded. How not, the article is known that there are a number of suspicious transactions, one of which is the flow of funds in the amount of Rp 560 billion.

Not only there, but the KPK has also sniffed out that Lukas Enembe is involved in a gratification case, in which he has received funds of Rp. 1 billion related to the Papuan APBD, so that the Governor of Papua is now officially a suspect.

Several other suspicious cases are still developing and their names continue to be implicated, such as in the statement by the Coordinating Minister for Political, Legal and Security Affairs, Mahfud MD regarding how the Papuan Government is managing the PON implementation some time ago in Bumi Cendrawasih.

The reason is, when the PON has not officially ended, suddenly the Papuan government again asks for a number of budget funds from the Central Government. Then when asked for an accountability report on the management of PON, they did not provide any report at all, even though it involved a budget that could not be said to be small in number.

Furthermore, Mahfud MD had also accused that there seemed to be some kind of misuse related to the Special Autonomy (Otsus) funds that had been disbursed by the Central Government with the initial goal of developing Papua. The reason is that in the era of Lukas Enembe’s leadership, the Government has provided special autonomy funds of Rp 500 trillion, but until now there is still a lot of poverty found in the Papuan people themselves.

Suddenly the accusations and allegations became increasingly loud because how could it be with such large funds, but the welfare of the Papuan people themselves is still not developing. The Coordinating Minister for Political, Legal and Security Affairs feels that he is very disappointed with how the Papuan government is being managed. On the other hand, he said that actually there are several developments being carried out in Bumi Cendrawasih such as toll road infrastructure, but all of them are purely projects from the central government.

With the abundant Otsus funds, Mahfud MD even firmly stated that it seemed as if there had not been any development at all because the Papuan people were still shackled to poverty, but on the other hand, the officials were spending a lot of money like the case of Lukas Enembe with many suspicious flows of funds, including for buy luxury watches and so on.

Therefore, he stated that all suspected corruption cases in Papua must be eradicated and eradicated as soon as possible. Law enforcement must really be carried out properly there if there is to be change and development. Not only that, but Mahfud also said that the Lukas Enembe case has absolutely nothing to do with politics, but rather this is the government’s effort to enforce the rule of law and also based on the aspirations of the Papuan people themselves.

On another occasion, Member of the DPD RI, Filep Wamafwa stated that with the alleged misappropriation of Otsus Papua, it must be able to be evaluated even from upstream to downstream. In his opinion, evaluation and enforcement of regulations so that all Otsus governance implementations are very important, because later on, the Otsus funds can be targeted and also more efficient.

Meanwhile, today, Monday (26/9), President Joko Widodo said that all parties without exception must obey and respect all legal processes that apply in Indonesia. According to him, everyone has the same position in the eyes of the law so that all processes of corruption case enforcement by the KPK must be fully supported.

There is an attitude from Lukas Enembe who even since 12 September 2022 has been summoned by the KPK, but has never complied with it. Regarding this matter, Jokowi reiterated that anyone must be able to respect the call from the KPK so that the legal process in Indonesia can run smoothly without any obstacles.

Regarding the continued absence of Lukas Enembe from the KPK’s summons, the Indonesia Corruption Watch immediately firmly urged the KPK to give an ultimatum to the Papuan governor, and if he continued to disobey the summons, he would immediately be picked up by force.

ICW researcher, Kurnia Ramadhana considered that the permission requested by Lukas Enembe so that he could go abroad for treatment was something that was too much. Furthermore, he stated that if, for example, there was a health problem, then the KPK could double

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