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The 43rd ASEAN Summit was Successfully Held, Journalists Appreciated the Organizing of the Media Center


Jakarta, – President Jokowi has closed the summit series of the 43rd Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN Summit). The next ASEAN chairmanship will be held by Laos.

In his press conference, President Jokowi was grateful that the implementation of the 43rd ASEAN Summit had proceeded safely and smoothly amidst a difficult situation.

“Thank God the 43rd ASEAN Summit and other Summits have been carried out well and smoothly, even in the midst of a difficult situation, Indonesia’s chairmanship has produced many things in an effort to maintain regional stability and prosperity,” said the President.

The President said that the world currently needs a neutralizer in the midst of various uncertain global situations. Therefore, ASEAN is needed to become a stabilizer.

“I assure you that ASEAN is on the right track to be able to carry out its role as a contributor to stability and peace as well as the epicenter of growth,” said the President.

Meanwhile, President Jokowi also said that a number of agreements had been reached among the country’s leaders. One of them is the East Leader Joint Statement.

“After going through a long and difficult process, we succeeded in agreeing on the East Leader Joint Statement regarding the Epicentrum of Growth, once again this was not an easy process, the geopolitical tug-of-war was very strong, but thank God a consensus was reached.” President Jokowi said

The success of holding the ASEAN Summit is also reflected in the existence of the ASEAN Summit Media Center which received positive responses from journalists.

One of the journalists from Cambodia, Kouch Vengsrun, assessed that the ASEAN Summit Media Center facilities were very complete. In fact, he considered that the various facilities and services were far from what he had previously imagined.

“The facilities are very good, everything is well organized. I really appreciate it. “The Media Center (
43rd ASEAN Summit) is very comfortable and everyone here is very friendly to us,” he said.

Kouch added that while he was at the Media Center, journalists and other media crew were very privileged. Not only that, journalists can also access various information easily,

The journalist tasked with conveying news about Southeast Asian countries’ forums also praised the internet speed in the Media Center which is connected via WiFi or LAN.

When it comes to food, Kouch is also impressive. He admitted that he really enjoyed the various
dishes served non-stop, to support the performance of the media crew. According to him, the taste of the food
at the Media Center suits his taste buds.

“I like all the food, it tastes similar to food in Cambodia too. I really
enjoyed it,” he said

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